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Got Kindle on my iPad2, so how do I delete the books?

iPad 2
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    Touch and hold the icon of the book you wish to delete. An X will appear on the icon. Touch the X to delete.

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    Jim's advice will Archive your book in the Kindle app but in order to remove it from the device I'm pretty sure you have to go into your Amazon account on the web.


    Go to Amazon.com, sign in, Go to Your Digital Items>Your Kindle Orders/Library>Actions>Remove from library in order to delete it.

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    Caution! There is a BIG difference between deleting books from your Kindle and deleting books from your Kindle Library, which is stored online. Deleting books from your online Library is NOT the way to just delete books from your iPad.


    To delete a book from your iPad, go to your Home view, swipe the title to the right and push Delete. Note that books purchased from Amazon will be still be archived in your Kindle Library, which is stored online and the titles can be viewed on your iPad and they can be re downloaded to your iPad or other devices. They won't appear on your iPad Kindle Home page and they won't take up space on your iPad but their TITLES will appear when you select Archive.


    (NOTE: If you got free books with the Kindle app, as I did, these are not Archived and deleting them from your iPad will remove them permanently. You'll see a warning to this effect. I believe I had a Dictionary and Aesop's Fables, if memory serves. These books weren't downloaded from Amazon and so were not in my library and I did delete them from my iPad.)


    Removing a book from your Kindle LIBRARY can only be done online, through a browser, and once removed, they cannot be re downloaded to any device and will be removed from any device-- iPad, iPhone, computer, Kindle--that you have uploaded to. I.e., once removed from your online library, you don't own the book any more.


    I can't think of any reason at this point why I'd want to remove a book from my Kindle Library, but I remove books from my iPad all the time.

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    Glad you posted. I gave the OP bad advice I apologize. Deleting from the iPad is different than deleting from the library. I was talking about removing the book from the library.


    I only download free books and I'm not an avid reader. With very few exceptions, I can't think of a reason why I would to read a book again so it would not be a big deal to someone like me to remove it from my library. But you teach or work in a university or something like that (?) as I recall so I apologize to you as well as the OP.


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    No problem, Demo! You are usually spot-on.


    Yeah, I read a LOT for my job and my art so this is one of the (few) iPad topics I know much about. :-)

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    That is very kind of you to say that... I don't ever want to lead the OP down the wrong path. Kind of defeats the purpose of a participating in a "help" site.


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    I am also trying to delete a book from my ipad2 and cannot. I have tried what elizabeth says but I do not get an option to delete, only to archive. I have tried every permutation of swiping holding down tapping etc to get a delete option, but no luck. Any suggestions?

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    Archive is effectively the same as delete - the book remains on your Amazon account on their site, but it is no longer on the iPad (unless you re-download it from your archive).

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    Go to Kindle library on your device. Press the book cover cover till message comes up asking if you want to delete this title permanently, say yes.

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    Got it now!  Thanks for help.