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i have a 1tb time capsule.  can i raplce the harddisk with a 3tb?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Yes, although it may void the warranty for any damage caused replacing it. The hard drive's in TC's are not considered to be user-replaceable.

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    thanks.  so what options do i have as my tc is at 95% capacity.  i know when its full it will delete old back-ups which i am avoiding because all images in my external drive are current.....  to share...... my tc backs-up an external 1tb hard disk full of images.  i am about to add additional hard disk to store my new images.  i also wanted this to be backed-up in tc that is why i am looking at expanding its capacity.  any thoughts?

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    anybody with similar configuration where all files are stored on an external multple drives?  how you guys back them up?

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    Unfortunately, TM's backup drive should be at least twice the capacity of the drive it backs up. Your backup drive is too small for backing up another 1 TB drive.


    If you don't require the retention of old files (new files just replace old ones) then TM is the wrong backup utility to use. You should just have a suitably sized hard drive in an external enclosure directly connected to the computer. This would be even faster than what you are no doing. If you get an enclosure for multiple drives then you have the flexibility of constructing a multi-drive RAID array to provide more storage capacity.


    You can use a third-party backup utility to handle the backups on a pre-set schedule you set up.


    Backup Software Recommendations


    Carbon Copy Cloner

    Data Backup

    Deja Vu

    Silver Keeper


    Super Flexible File Synchronizer


    Synchronize Pro! X

    Synk Pro

    Synk Standard



    Others may be found at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.


    Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on backup and restore.  Also read How to Back Up and Restore Your Files.


    You will find enclosures of various sorts at:



    Cool Drives

    New Egg



    Personally, try to find an enclosure that uses the Oxford chipset and supports Firewire 800.

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    yep.... you are absolutely right..... my case is already water under the bridge... i just have to correct it.  i do backup also with backblaze as another contingent.  i guess i will have upgrade my tc to a 3tb myself since it is already out of warranty anyway.