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If I dial a number on my iPhone4 and get it wrong (call doesn't connect or you get some totally random stranger) how do you edit the number to try again without having to enter the whole number all over again?


... apart from going to 'Recents', using 'Create New Contact' on the wrong number, editing the number as usual, highlighting the corrected number, copying, pasting back in the keypad screen and hitting 'call', that is!



iPhone 4
Solved by wjosten on Jul 11, 2011 7:10 AM Solved

If you bring up the keypad, then tap "Call", the last number you dialed will be displayed. You can then edit it.

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    If you bring up the keypad, then tap "Call", the last number you dialed will be displayed. You can then edit it.

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    Should have tried it before posting the 'correct' answer as, although pressing Call does bring up the last dialed number, you don't seem to be allowed to edit the number.  MW

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    Edting works fine for me.

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    Hi wjosten,  I can't edit at all.  If I tap the number displayed on the keypad screen all I  get are options to copy or paste.  I cant get the cursor to appear anywhere.  With normal editing if you tap and hold the mag. bubble comes up and lets you set the insertion point. What are you doing that I am not, please?  Regards, MW.

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    Hi MW, I am facing the issue u explained.. did u find any way out?

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    Well, yes, but it's a bit of a fudge.


    Having missed dialled and got the 'unobtainable' tone or whatever your service provider does in these circs; End call, Recents, hit the '>' to the left of the mis-dialled number, Create New Contact, find the mis-dialled number under 'mobile', edit the number as required in the normal way, Select All, Copy, Cancel, Keypad, paste edited number into display by tapping and Paste, Call.... Phew!  Probably quicker to just start again.


    Why you can't just edit the wrong number in the display is beyond me!  MW

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    I am having the same issue regarding the inability to edit a phone number. I recall being able to edit back on my iphone 3GS. I'm guessing this is part of the new ios6. This is most obnoxious when I find a phone number on a website that doesn't have the 1 in front of the number that is needed to call long distance. Basically you end up having to copy the number, pasting it into your web browser, adding the 1, and then copying and pasting into the phone dialer. CRAZY!!!!!!

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    It's an iPhone the word says it it's a iPHONE !!!!!!


    It looks like Apple forgot the original purpose of a phone.


    editing phone numbers without the need to store them as a contact should be a basic function and I don't mean changing the last two digits but real editing like putting an country code upfront.


    every other phone I had was capable of doing this.


    Like Jazzylife said CRAZY !!!!

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    This is the MOST rediculous aspect of the i"PHONE" .



    In the uk, 0800 numbers are free. Unless dialed from a mobile. In order to ring an 0800 number you have remember to dial without the first zero. If copying the number from a web site there is no option to edit out the first zero. It simply doesn't work.


    Dialling incorrectly, equally, means deleting every digit up to the error, the re entering. This is not an attribute expected from a "SMART" phone.


    Nokia had this feature on a smartphone 20 years ago. In fact, as said above, name a mobile phone that does not have the option to edit a dialled number in the phone screen...?



    Come on apple, sort it out please.




    Why is there a seperate option at the bottom of the screen for voicemail when press and hold 1 does the same thing? Yet there is no voicemail icon next to digit 1 ?


    But the letters next to the number on the keys have no function at all.


    Why doesn't press and hold call bring up the recent call list...? Might be sensible answers to these, but it just seems to me the phone on the best phone is not the best phone that ever lived. :)

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    Short answer.... It cant be done.

    "Create contact and edit within newly created contact" fudge / workaround is the only way.

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    I am having the same problem. I hope that iPhone technical team can find a way to solve this problem.

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    the only way you can edit number in iphone, is by copying the number in dial pane and opening contacts in keypad, paste it on search box and edit it from there, then copy the number you edited into dial pane on keypad


    Apple has to reprogram their software to allow users to edit number whenever needed