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Hey guys!


So, I'm in Spain, Europe, and I recently purchased an Apple Time Capsule. The thing is, it was an offer on Fnacs web page, and it cost me 210 euros. After purchasing it (It was a 1TB Model), I realized that the webpage didn't specify what generation it was. So, I called Fnac and asked them. They told me it was a 4th Generation device. This was important for me, since, if I'm not mistaken, the 4th generation boosts an antenna power boost over the 3rd generation model.


So, anyhow, I plug it in and configure it on my mac only to find that it recognizes it as a 3rd Generation Time Capsule. I am kinda outragged at this point, and I call Apple Tech Service and they confirm that with my serial number it was indeed a 3rd generation device. They also confirmed that there was a 4th Generation and that the new 2TB and 3TB models weren't a 5th generation, but part of the 4th since they didn't have any enhancements apart from size.


Now, my questions are, ¿Is there a different numbering system in Europe, and is my 3rd gen actually a 4th gen? ¿How much should a 1 TB 3rd Gen have cost me?


Also, on the packaging, the model number is A1355 / MC343Z/A , which according to the web pages I visited, was supposed to be the 4th Gen model number. But on the official Apple web page in Spanish, there are only 3 generations of Time Capsules listed, and it's the last 3rd generation which has the A1355 number.


I am extremely confused and frustrated, and I could really use your guys help.



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    I'm sorry that I have a bad news. You bought the old (I mean not the new) model. I'm from Czech Republic and I bought the new 2TB model (2011). The price was about 265 €, so the same as the 1TB old model. The model number for the 4th generation 2TB is MD032LL/A. So I expect that it must be the same in Spain as it is in Czech Republic.


    So if you have a chance give the time capsule back to the shop and buy the new 2TB version. I've checked the Spanish Apple website and you can buy the 2TB model for 279  €.

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