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I will this week be switching my computing life from a Dell notebook to a MacBook Pro.  I am elated, of course.  One of my - few - concerns, however, is iTunes.  What is the best way to sync my iPhone & iPad (which, until now have been synced to and managed by my Dell) without losing all content (music including playlists, contacts, pictures, etc.)?  Is there a way to perform a backup and then move the backup file before I sync on the MacBook pro? 


Thanks so much. 

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    If you used iTunes on your Dell, then all you have to do is replace the iTunes folder on your Mac with the iTunes folder from your Windows. You should do this before starting iTunes on your Mac for the first time. Then, when you open up iTunes after replacing the folder with all your content, your iTunes will just treat it as if you've always had the same content. This is what I did before, except I had to reinstall my Mac OS, so I just copied the Mac iTunes folder, but on Windows it has the same file name, in the music section, I think.