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It seems that this is a common issue and a hardware problem. Since it is a common problem with Apple's product, shouldn't they recall them and replace them with ipods that work?


I restore mine with backup and when that didn't work, restored it to factory settings. It will not read my touch to "slide" to unlock or to shut it off.


It charges great, holds a charge, and itunes recognizes it; however, I can't do anything else with it other then plug it in and sync it repeatedly. Sometimes when I am touching the front screen the little play icon (sideways triangle) and the volume bar will pop up under the date but I don't know what makes that come up and of course if I touch the play icon it won't read my touch.


Also, I just noticed that it has yesterdays date and 12:24 as the time.... which might be the last time I had it plugged in to my computer.


Again, is this the same hardware problem that everyone else has with theirs, and does anyone know if Apple is replacing them due to a defect in the product?



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