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I recently paired my bluetooth headset (Jawbone ICON) to my Macbook for skype.  Seeing it have difficulty switching between the iphone and Mac, I want to go back to straight iphone4 handsfree only.  However, everytime i turn the Jawbone on hear the computer (running a magic mouse too) it wants to pair up with the headset. 


I turned off "discoverable" mode on my mac.  I don't think the headset has a turn off discoverable feature aside from the OFF switch.  I delete the headset from the bluetooth pref pane each time and it returns when I turn it back on.  I even input an incorrect pairing code to make it stop trying to pair if it is the wrong code.  How to stop this annoying habit? 


I wish I didn't know about the multiple connections feature of this headset.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, Jawbone ICON Headset
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    9/10 times it is going to be a 3rd party app you might downloaded. When you can't stop the request appearing double check apps that are running. I know apps like Istumbler will cause this even once you quit it.