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When I connect my printer to my computer in Print and Fax my printer shows up but after a page is prined  it says that the printer is OFFLINE. How can i stop my HP Printer going offline when I am not doing anything.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Same issue--my HP laserjet 1320 has printed wirelessly with the same equipment for 5 years and I've never had a problem up until the last two weeks. Any thoughts?

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    My MacPro does the same thing. I have to cycle the printer off and on to get it to print what is in the printers queue. The printer queue says the printer is "offline", while the Print & Fax window says the printer is "in use" even though the printer is neither offline or in use. When I delete all print jobs it reverts back to "printer ready" and "idle" but if I try to print it hangs once again. The printer is connected to the network and my work laptop is able to print documents just fine using my home network. I am able to airprint from iPhones, iTouchs and iPad2 just fine. I can ePrint any document while away from home and they will be there when I get back. I can't print anything new from the MacPro without having to load the document into the queue and then turn the printer off and on again to get it to print what is in the queue. I suspect it is a Bonjour issue.

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    I have the same issue - with both printers attached to my iMac - HP Officejet V40 and HP Officejet 6500.  Frustrated!

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    My HP and a new Lexmark worked just fine until today, when they went offline on all three of my family's iMacs.  I've spent hours reloading the printers, turning them off and on, and testing them by directly connecting with USB (which works just fine).  Lots of questions here but no answers (does Apple ever read this stuff and give some input?). 

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    I called Apple support today to see if it was being worked on......however since both of my devices are out of the warranty period, the CSR wouldn't do anything without my $49. 


    I did all of the things listed here and finally the only way I can get something to print if IF the printer is directly attaced to either my Macbook or iMac.


    HP doesn't appear to be the only printer types with issues as I've seen postings for Canon, Brother and Epsom as well. 

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    Apple has issued a HP Driver update 1 week ago but that apparently doesn't fix the problem until you delete the printer and add it back again. That solved it for me.


    Good luck