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     I have an iMac G5 that had a disk crash.   After repairing the disk issue, I've installed Leopard.  The issue is that iPhoto was not installed by the Leopard installer and all of the versions of iPhoto available for download are updates and can't be installed without the presence of an "upgradeable version in place".  So I'm looking for the easiest solution, which I believe should be one of the following:


1.  Is there a copy from older system installs that will work and/or be upgradable by installers I can download?


2.  Is there a downloadable version compatible with the G5 and Leopard?


I know this is considered a legacy product by now, but its actually a very functional desk top computer...   


I'm really hoping there's some obvious solution that I've failed to see.





Imac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Assuming your computer came with iLife pre-installed then you reinstall iLife from the original installer discs that came with your computer. After reinstalling the version that came with your computer you will need to update it to the versions you were using. Use Software Update for this or download the standalone updaters at support.apple.com/downloads/.

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    Never mind!    A related post appeared right after I posted that said you must install from the original disks that came with your computer.


    Not a problem, I have those.   But apple *could* make it easier for its customers.



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    Gee, how much easier do you want it to be?

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    I feel that most "older" versions of iPhoto could be available as a stand alone install - why force someone to install their original version then upgrade?  I have original install disks from several macs - Versions that are 2+ years old aren't being sold so why not make it a "one click" approach?   I doubt anyone is using iPhoto other than current mac owners anyway, right?  


    I'm NOT suggesting that any version you can currently buy at retail should be free.   And I can accept 2 year old versions like iLife 09 being unavailable for download.   But something for an OS that was released in 2007 and surpassed in 2009?   iPhoto 5.0?   6.0?   Really?

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    The older version of iPhoto is a standalone install that's on your original distribution discs. Frankly, I'm missing your point. You have a free installer in your office. Nothing to download. Nothing to pay for unless you want a newer version. Really, pretty simple.

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    I understand that the disk is on my shelf.   What you are missing is that I have original install disks for six macs plus multiple sets of system upgrade discs to dig through.   The "easy" method would allow me to download the appropriate version with one click- my time is actually valuable and I do not believe that there is any financial benefit for apple to keep me from downloading a complete version of software that is no longer sold at retail.  If the goal is making my life more complicated and using more of my time, they have that down.  I don't care which version- my 6th grader could write the code to make the proper version available based on the machine being used as I assume apple knows what version I am permitted to have on the machine without additional purchase!

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    The simple one-click solution is to have a bootable clone. All of this extra work you complain about would be unnecessary if you had a back up that reflected your needs.






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    Guilty as charged.   That isn't an issue for the current incarnation.  


    But I do note that iTunes was installed - is that because they want to make it easy to spend $$ at the iTunes store?

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    Well, not to sound too flip about it you could have just labeled your restore discs so they would be easy to identify and save that time you hold so dear. Certainly that would require less time than downloading or finding what to download. Sounds a bit like a 5 Ps problem.


    Maybe you should get your 6th grader onto the problem and write something for you. Surely his/her time isn't worth what you think your time is worth.


    Since my time is also valuable I'm sure we can let this issue go for now.


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    No, it's because iTunes has always been part of OS X. iPhoto and the iLife apps have not been part of the OS since the inception of iLife '06. That's long before app stores.

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    Too late, you sound very flip and haven't addressed my point that very old versions of software really don't need such limited availability.


    I'm suggesting a single download and install.


    Current policy is a re-install from CD followed by download and installation of upgrade.


    To paraphrase,


    Gee, why would I think it could be easier?

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    Don't know why you think I'm being flip. But then I think you are being stubborn about something that isn't a problem for Apple but for you. Since you aren't likely to see things differently than what you want there's really little point of further discussion.