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  • mlucek Level 1 (0 points)

    Bump did the job to transfer contacts from my iPhone to my new iPad ! I'll try photos another time or sync via iTunes (got 8G worth of photos on iPhone)


    It took a little bit of fiddling to get it to work. Turn on Settings -> General -> Location Services on both devices and under that same screen, make sure the Bump application setting is ON for both devices.  Just turning on Location Services by itself doesn't mean Bump has it's location setting ON.


    I'm not sure you actually need to fill out the info card with phone # and email. I had both my iPhone & iPad (no cellular servce in iPad (yet) ) on WiFi during this process.


    Not sure what the sync mechanism is between the devices, WiFi ? B/T was off, no cell data on iPad, The engineer in my wants to know .


    Doesn't matter right now, it worked !



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    I tired syncing my contacts from My iPhone and iTunes ended up removing/deleting every single contact from my iPhone.  I had to call customer service to try to get them back, but was unsuccessful.  I had to restore my contacts from a previous backup I had done to get them back.  But I did figure this out... 


    Here is how you can transfer your contacts from one mobile device to the other:


    Connect your iPhone to iTunes.  Then right click (control+click) on your iPhone on the left side under "Devices." Click on: Backup.  This will not only bakup your phone, but it will also save your contacts from your iPhone to your Address Book on your Mac.  Please double check that your contacts did in fact transfer & save to your Address Book before moving forward.  Then connect your iPad to iTunes and select it under "Devices" on the left side.  Under the Info tab select Sync Contacts.  This will then add the contacts that you just saved to your Address Book from your iPhone to you iPad - successfully.

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    I turned on iCloud on both my IPad 3 and iPhone 4 went into settings and turned on contactsbin both and they automatically synced

  • ring_0 Level 1 (25 points)

    Nobody mentioned Bump privacy issues. To exchange contacts - while your iPhone and iPad are close - data is actually sent to the Bump servers then forwarded to the receiver device.


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    Bump was absolutely the easiest way to go.
    The entire transaction took less than 30 seconds and most of that was just downloading Bump onto my iPad.

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    Thank you !  Bump was a huge help.  Called support twice about this issue and was on the phone for 20 minutes each time.  Used Bump and it took 5 minutes.

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    This is absolutely the easiest method.  Nothing to download and literally took only a few seconds.  And when I add a contact in either my iPhone or iPad it is available on the other device in seconds.  Perfect!

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    Assuming you use the same PC for your iPhone as your iPad and the iPhone has been synched... Open iTunes and plug your iPad into your PC. Click on "the name of your iPad" in "Devices" in the left sidebar. Under the "Info" tab at the top of the screen you'll find "Synch Contacts" Uncheck this if it's checked. Then check "Selected Groups" and then check "iPhone." Click "Synch" at the bottom right of the screen. Your contacts should now load to your iPad.

    If you don’t wanna go through all that trouble, you can use follow these step-by-step guides on Transfer Contacts Among iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Hopefully this works for you.

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    Use iTunes or a third-party program to back up your iPhone contacts to your computer in the form of vCard files.


    Once you have your contacts saved to your computer, connect your ipad, let it appear within your Computer devices, open it by double clicking and drag/drop all the backed-up contact vCards.


    On your ipad, go to your Contacts app, tap the Menu button and select Import > Import from USB storage > Import all vCard files. Your iPhone contacts are now transferred onto your ipad too.

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    The iCloud solution was perfect. Thank you!

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    how can connect my contacts from my iphone to my ipad

  • Tinnam Level 1 (0 points)

    The iCloud solution can solve your problem.

    However, you also can click "transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad" to read another simple way to complete the task.

    Not just contacts, you also can transfer your iPhone photos, videos, notes, etc. to iPad.

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    Thank you for recommending the Bump app. You saved my day!

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    See this tutorial:

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad

    3 methods are introduced.

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    Wondering if "terryfrommindarie" found a solution.


    I'm in a similar position. I have an iPod with iOS 3.1.3 which has a lot of contact information on it, all which was manually entered directly into the iPod. I now have a new iPad with iOS 7.0.4. There are a variety of suggestions in this thread about transferring contacts however none of the programs suggested appear to work with the older iOS 3. I really didn't want to have to manually reenter all my contacts into the iPad. Any suggestions that might work with iOS 3?