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My Question is...


My macbook pro was bought on November 2010 from amazon, and it came with OS 10.6.3. However, I recently upgraded to 10.6.8, and my install cd that originally came with my macbook pro is from November 2010, and it still has OS 10.6.3. My question is that, will this cause a problem in any way since I am going to install Windows 7 on Bootcamp, and Bootcamp has been recently updated, and if I put the Mac install DVD to install the drivers, something could mess up since the Mac install DVD is a completely different version than my 10.6.8 macbook pro (but the point is not bootcamp, it's if this could cause a problem). Thank you for any answers.


Note: One phrase is bolded because that is the main thing I am asking about.


Additonal Details:


Type of Mac: Laptop

Mac Laptop type: Macbook Pro

Month and Year: November 2010

Where purchased: Amazon

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Install DVD version: 10.6.3

Macbook Pro current version: 10.6.8

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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Ok so your trying to install Windows 7 on a bootcamp made partition? You don't need the OSX disk for this task. You do need an internet connection to download the windows7 drivers for your specific macbook pro. Do not install the drivers from the disk because they will be very old. Bootcamp will walk you through the whole process. 

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