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     I am in the process of transferring from Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Studio 3, but I cannot find a reliable retailer who is selling the applications for their original price ($1000). I am wondering if anybody knows if Apple stills sells Final Cut Studio 3 at its original price of $1000?



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    Apple has discontinued the sale of FCP 7 (FCS 3) to the general public.  It is only available to those large facilities as an Enterprise package.  You cannot buy a single copy of it.  You are now at the mercy of the black market. 


    Final Cut Studio 3 is EOL...end of life.  Why look for it when it is dead and gone?  FCP X is what Apple will continue to market and sell.  And many professionals and educators are transitioning away from FCP...due to the fact that FCP 7 is done, and FCP X is unfit for many professional uses. 


    I suggest getting Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5...or Avid media Composer 5.5. 


    If you want to remain current.

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    Thanks. Do you happen to know where any sellers would be that sell it close to the original price ($1000)?

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    Sorry, no.  I have it, so I haven't researched who is still selling it.

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    Ok thanks. I think I may have found one. Thanks for your help!

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    I have 2 copies of FInal Cut Studio 3 if you're interested let me know. Email me at clx510@sbcglobal.net

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    Apologies for thread-jacking, Shane.


    Regarding Premiere Pro CS5.5, I have read a number of comments from potential switchers to the effect of, "with the advent of 5.5, Premiere is now a good app".


    Have you any idea what they mean?


    Were the earlier versions  poor and only this latest incarnation has made it competitive?

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    CLX520 - Thanks for the offer, but I was able to find one already.

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    Ian, it means that previous version of Adobe Premiere had issues.  What issues?  I don't fully know, as I haven't used the app in years.  But apparently they have changed a lot, fixed a lot of things, and now work with all the capture card makers.


    Earlier versions had small things here and there that made it not all that great.  Clunky with some formats, unstable with others. 

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    Thanks Shane.


    It sounds as thought it was basically irritating in places rather than unusable.


    The impression I got from some of the comments was that the 5.5 version had been a quantum leap rather than a typical version improvement.

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    Shane's right Ian. I've been familiar with every rendition of Premier since it's inception. Versions 1-4 worked, sortof, but not in a manner suitable for broadcast. The first Premier Pro delivered though with the ability to play without having to render everything (which was it's main drawback until then). Premier always carried with it a major stigma as a non-pro product though so was never really taken up by many (if any) in the broadcast industry. I have many friends however who work on training video's for the web and Premier is their only edit software.


    As a specialist freelancer I have to be aware of and experienced in all of the variaties of NLE software. It's interesting to see FCP go back to the stigma 'it' had back before v4HD and how similar it is to the attitudes towards it are to Premier Pro when it first came out. Yes, it is better than previous versions but isn't looked upon as a 'pro' software anymore. My kids certainly prefer FCPX to PremPro or FCP7 (or iMovie for that matter). I can't use it just yet because the Audio tools are just so lacking.


    So, I beleive PremPro has actually been a 'good' app since CS2. But has definitly got better with each one. There's not that much distinction between CS5 and 5.5 so I can't work out what context this commenter states that it is 'now' a good app. They've probably only just become aware of it!



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    Thanks Pi.


    I jumped from Premiere 6.5 to Premiere Pro CS5 so I immediately noticed a difference! (I hadn't used Premiere 6.5 for years).


    Anyway it looks as though I needn't upgrade in the near future.

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    It's a pity he doesn't live in the UK as I never use mine anymore and would therefore let it go for half price.


    P.S.  I've just had a look at your link and the item on sale for £550 is not FCS 3,  it's Final Cut Pro 3 which is over 10 years old and would never work on any Mac made in the last few years............ in short, it's useless and is not even worth giving away.


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