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  • theViberTeam Level 1 Level 1

    All users with code issues -

    Please try removing Viber, waiting 24 hours, then try installing again. If both the SMS and the call-back and still not received, contact our support team and elaborate on the problem:

  • pumpkinsushi Level 1 Level 1


    I accidentally deleted my viber app. On my iphone 4s. So i re installed it again. I cant receive messages through sms so i tried the no code button. I received a call but i cant hear anyone. I forgot my old access code that's why i tried to have a new one but then now i cant receive or hear  any. Im from japan. I hope the viber team could help me. Can i just email my number and get my old access code or are there any options? Thank you!

  • theViberTeam Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunatey our code delivery mechanism is completely automated and cannot happen through email.


    Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). If this doesn't help, contact our support team at and give them the details of the problem.

  • rrhoniesha Level 1 Level 1

    Hi i have the same issue as pumpkinsushi and i did all the steps unistall wait 24 hrs then try again still same issue so i went to the website it basically told me the same thing you did but then it also led to another webstie for help but the link was inactive. On the website the viber team gave the member a phone call and provided them with the code. I really need thi app because my boyfriend is currently deployed long distance relationship is hard enough now it really ***** because i have no way of communicating we do skype but it's not worth it because the wifi he's provided with has bad connection. I really hope that you can help me.


    Thanks in advance!

  • theViberTeam Level 1 Level 1

    @rrhoniesha -
    We have replied to you in many forums, but there is not much more we can suggest.
    If you fail to receive the SMS with code, try the "automatic call" option (shows up immediately after you type in your number and tap "Enter"). If you also still don't receive the call, then the only option for you is to contact our support team again and explain to them the situation, and they will try to help you further.

  • MateusMMMG Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem as rrhoniesha.  I am trying to install Viber on my iphone4s in Japan.  I can't seem to receive the SMS so I ask for call back.  The call comes but it is just silence, no word, nothing.  Is there a problem with your automated callback system?  I have done the uninstall and wait 24 hours, done everything exactly as it says on the Viber website but to no avail.  Please can the Viber Team advise why this is happening, clearly it's not just me.  Is it a problem with Japan or the Au network...?

    Thank you

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    @MateusMMMG -

    Thank you for your report.


    Since this is starting to sound like a widespread problem, I'd advise you (and other Japanese users who are having problems receiving our call/SMS) to contact our support team and describe the problem to them. They will try to provide you with further assistance.


    Here's the link:

  • MateusMMMG Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, Viber Team for your reply.  But I wrote my post having already looked all around the support team page which is where your link takes me and which you mentioned to various other people.  As far as I can see it is just an information page with no option to contact anyone directly with enquiries.  Where is the actual "team"?  Is there anyone anywhere who I can actually talk to...?  I think other people with this problem may be finding the same - that there is actually nobody there.  It is very frustrating.  Would really welcome your suggestion for how to resolve this problem.


  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    First, I have to say I applaud the app developers that make a real effort to suppor their customers.


    That said, these forums are NOT the proper place to do it. Try responding with a link to your own support forums or web site.

  • theViberTeam Level 1 Level 1

    @MateusMMMG -

    Enter the link I gave you. Now go to "Ask Viber Support" button.


    Follow the steps, and see what's written there. If the problem you chose isn't known to us, or we need further information from the user in order to understand it better and investigate it, we also provide the option of opening a support ticket


    For example, go to "Contact list not showing friends", and at the bottom there's an option to open a ticket.

  • Pascal16 Level 1 Level 1



    I am a UAE based user. I installed Viber on my iPhone 4S but do not receive the activation SMS code. It seems that viber is a blocked site. When I click on the no code button, the safari window shows the Etisalat (National Telecom unique internet provider) standard window saying that ¨This site is blocked"... So no way to access to any backup option: it looks like I am stuck.

    Would you have any idea to help me (except from changing country just for the time to activate)!...

    Thank you in advance.

  • theViberTeam Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately there is not much that can be done


    The authorities in the UAE have decided to block Viber in the whole country, and that is why you are experiencing this issue. Try contacting the authorities and ask for the reason for this block.

  • ymadi Level 1 Level 1

    hello viber team. i'm facing the same problem as pascal's. it worked on my sisters ipad, my moms, and my iphone. but when i try to instal it again on my ipad, it's not working.. viber is not sending the sms to my phone.

  • theViberTeam Level 1 Level 1

    @ymadi -


    What country are you located in? Which cellular network?


    Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). If this doesn't help, contact our support team at and give them the details of the problem.

  • s4ndy Level 1 Level 1

    hiii . i'm from syria and
    i instaled viber on my iphone 3g and get the activation code by sms and everything was ok but when i tried to call my friend it gave me a message that i need a new version for viber
    so i reinstall it and get the new version but when i did that
    it asked for my phone number again and when i put it and press continue it said that there is an error in my internet connection ??!! i'm using the same wifi i used it when i get the activation code for the first time , and i tried different wifi but still give me the same problem

    my freind told me that i can receive the activation code by sms or by a phone call but i didn't found the last option on iphone 3g !!


    can anyone tell me what i have to do please

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