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I bought an iPad 2 32GB 3G+WiFi 2 months back from Apple Store and it was all working good.


Since yesterday, its showing NO SIM.


Not sure, whats going on.


So, let me know asap.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
  • Rudegar Level 7 Level 7 (23,525 points)

    I would try to eject the sim card tray and try to reinsert it


    otherwise I would go to apple store or try to contact the phone company the sim card is from

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    Ok looks like, I need to replace this.


    I just tried restoring it and its not restoring my apps and settings, etc.

    Now im getting more furious.


    I would be fine for a week, with my old data and settings, until I take it to the Apple store.

    But this is ridiculous.



    Before clicking on RESTORE, I clicked on BACKUP and the iPad backup is saved.



    Then I restored it.

    Now when it starts after the restore, its only showing pictures backup restored and no other apps or games or settings, etc.

    **** IT!



    Why is this ?


    Why is it not restoring it completely from that new backup ?


    Im always selecting that backup to restore from, but then also, its getting stuck .


    How can I restore it the right way ?

  • soumendra Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Anyone got an idea to my previous post ?


    This is getting frustrating.

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    I would agree that your best bet is goin to the Apple store. As far as you earlier post in concerned. Do you have the Sim card Active or no? This situation reminds me of my iphone. Everytime I turned it on I had a screen blocking me from using it telling me that it could find a network which was because I had turned off the phone and was using only in wifi. I switched it to airplane mode and everything worked fine. AS far as not restoring properly. Ther is is always a chance that the ipad has a defect that goes with the whole retail experiance. But as long as you bought it less then a year ago it is fully covered and under the automatic 1 year warrenty. I would say try not get so upset it is frustrating dealing with something that you don't know how to fix but Apple is really good with their warrenties and I'm sure they will help you out. Don't get to mad and damage the ipad or you could void the warrent, be patiant. I know how irrittitating it can be when you shell out that kind of doe and the darn thing craps out on you. I've had that happen with other things but like I said Apple is good with thier warrenties.

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    That is highly likely to be a software fault, if so there is only one procedure that can take place, restoring the device in itunes. You MUST set it up as a new device otherwise itunes will put the fault back on the devise. So, back it up, restore it but create as a new device then select the media you want on it.

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    what makes you sure its a software problem..... i just rest and restored as old device and it seems the problem is still there.Did the rest as a new device work for anyone

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    Try to...

    1. Open "Settings" -> "Brightness & Wallpaper"

    2. Turn off "Auto-Brightness"

    3. Bring "Brightness Slider" to lowest position (left)

    4. Turn "Airplane Mode" to "On" then chang to "Off" for solve the "No Sim" promblem.

    5. Change the "Brightness Slider" and "Auto-Brightness" to origanal setting.

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    I am always impressed by work arounds that show up in these forums.  I did a full restore, got a new sim card, and low and behold the above listed 5 steps resolved my problem for now.  Thanks!

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    Well that ended up being pretty short lived.  The change brightness settings trick quit working this morning, now nothing I try can get the sim to recognize again.  Also because of New Years nobody's home at Apple, hopefully there is another fix on the horizon.

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    Hello soumendra, im the same way..i bought an Ipad Wifi-3G, 64G on July 2011, since then has been workinh pretty good, now since some weeks ago just start to appears the same as you, "No Sim Card" which is not true..as you I dont know what else to do..I already took my ipad to the cell phone comoany that give the service, and after several tests, they said the problem was my ipad..they took the sim card and intalled into another apple product, works good for about 15 minutes, then they just removed, and re-installed again on mine..and finally they did a reboot or reset on the product, and now was working good...that stays for about 2 days, and then i did the same reset after reset...now is doing this same No Sim card, every 2 days...have you heard or any one here anything about this issue..is frustrating, i think im going back to the store that i bought this...i need another ipad or my money back...

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    This was the fix .... Thanks to Kosolpon for the solution.


    Try to...

    1. Open "Settings" -> "Brightness & Wallpaper"

    2. Turn off "Auto-Brightness"

    3. Bring "Brightness Slider" to lowest position (left)

    4. Turn "Airplane Mode" to "On" then chang to "Off" for solve the "No Sim" promblem.

    5. Change the "Brightness Slider" and "Auto-Brightness" to origanal setting.

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    Ipad 2 purchased 1 1/2 years ago in India and working great until 2 days ago...no new updates...suddenly no sim.  Tried reset all settings, hard reset...still nothing. Sim card from working Iphone "no Sim".  Sim card from Ipad to Iphone works...not the sim...What is the fi xor does the company need to buy another Ipad? Yes, I have thied the above.