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E-mails containing attachments do not always keep them once the message has been opened.  When reading the message and noting that an attachment is included, sometimes the attachment will open when the icon is touched.  Sometimes the icon does not contain the attachment and it must be downloaded.  When it is touched, sometimes the attachment downloads and opens, sometimes it disappears and leaves a placeholder that says "(See attached file: filename). This can happen on all but the smallest attachments and size doesn't seem to be a factor. 


Once the attachment disappears, the email must be resent in order to have any hope of accessing them.


Our oganization is using Lotus Notes Traveler to put corporate email onto iPads.  We have iPad2 and original iPads.  This problem occurs on both, regardless of Wi-Fi or 3G and regardless of carrier.


IBM insists that this is a device problem and that all the file transfer logs show that the file is sent as it should be.  They say they have opened a ticket with Apple to resolve the issue. 


Is anyone else seeing this problem, and how are you addressing it?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    Yes I see this exact same issue.  I've tested on Ipad 1 & 2, both act the same way.  As an experiment I sent a 13 MB PDF to an email account I have setup on the Ipad.  I see the attachment and click on "Download full message" and wait.  The attachment works properly. 


    If I click on another message while I'm waiting for the message to download when I click back to the message with the attachment I don't see any sign of the attachment except the paper clip.  there is no attachment in the message body nor is there a download full message button!


    Is there a fix for this?  Is this a known bug?

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    Robinwoods and Doug,

    I urgent needs your help since we encounter a smilar case after installed a Traveler server in Feb.,2012. All attachments in either iPad or iPhone are disappeared. But in SamSung Galaxy are working fine.


    Any setting in Traveler for this problem?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Folks,


    just wanted to share, that the attachments from Mac Macil disappeared on me, and then I quit Mail and restarted it and they all came back. So looks like they really are all there, but "hidden" in some strange way. When they had disappeared, I saw this weird small line in their place with no where to click or no other version of the attachment, but then was fully restored after a restart.


    Not sure about the iPad issues, but glad the attachments were still there all along!

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    Call the Traveler Admin

    He should go to the traveler settings in (lotustraveler.nsf)

    Device Settings\Default\Preferences\Filtersettings

    Set the maximung attachment size setting to more than 4000 KB

    Best is to uise the same size as in the mail sending preferences on the mailserver


    Greets Stefan

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    I am having this same problem on ipads.  We use IBM notes and not Traveler.  Is there a fix for IBM notes on the ipad?   The attachment works fine on gmail.  I'm on iOS 7.1.1