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Okay, this is ridiculous. I'll try to keep this problem as simple as possible:

Apple includes a folder called "iLife Sound Effects" (located in HDD > Library > Audio > Apple Loops > Apple > iLife Sound Effects). This folder is divided into categories that are utilized only by GarageBand (Animals, Booms, People, etc.) These sound are not available at all for iMovie projects. You would think, given iLife's tight integration, that a folder named "iLife Sound Effects" would be accessible to more than just GarageBand.

When looking in iMovie's Media browser, I have only 10 sound effects and 39 Skywalker sound effects (which spotlight returns no results for). If I create an alias to the "iLife Sound Effects" folder and put it in Home > Library > iMovie > Sound Effects, it will not find any audio files or keep them organized into their respective folders(Animals People, etc), the way GarageBand does. I must create an alias for every individual sound file and put them all directly in the Sound Effects folder.

After doing this it creates a new folder in iMovie's media browser called "iMovie HD Sound Effects". But, iMovie is not able to tell how long the sound effect is and it's completely unorganized.

I want a way to reference these new sound effects (without duplication) and make them available to iMovie in nicely organized files that are accessible through iMovie's media browser. Even if the files were inside that GarageBand folder in iMovie, that would be better than nothing. There should be some consolidation to the entire sound effect library anyway.

I realize this problem is a bit complicated. If anyone needs a more detailed explanation please just ask or email me. Thanks so much.

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    The new sound effects are available in Garageband.

    The idea is to choose Share to Garageband while in iMovie, and use the more sophisticated sound tools in Garageband to work on your movie.

    There's a new button in Garageband that brings up the sound effects browser.
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    While I don't exactly understand what makes "Bubbles" in GarageBand more sophisticated than "Bubbles" in iMovie, I can see why you would export it to GarageBand to score a movie.

    The point is that you shouldn't have some sound effects in GarageBand and some (even fewer, actually) in iMovie... especially when they are all located in folder titled "iLife Sound Effects".

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