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Hi guys, Newbie here!


Tried serching but cant really nail down what im looking for.


I'm trying to figure out editing (Panasonic Sd700) AVCHD 1080 60p, .mts files with Final Cut Pro X. I am aware that the files need converting etc etc, but I want to know what the best way is to keep as much quality as possible. I'm after some workflow advice really.


Atm i'm thinking, take .mts files from SD card, rewrap to .mov (using Clipwrap 2), do quick fix edits and organize (due to h.264 being a hard to edit??), then convert to ProRes 422 or AIC for full edit and effects etc.  Will there be any extra quality loss from going .mts - h.264 - ProRes/AIC? or is it the same as .mts - ProRes/AIC? How bad is trying to edit h.264 in the new 64bit Final Cut X? Is it even worth think about trying to fully edit in that format?

Sorry if I sound dumb, but this is all theory for me, I have no working knowlege of any of it - yet to purchase Final Cut Pro X or Clipwrap 2..



Thanks for any help



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)