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I tried redeeming my gift card (many, many times, each time maticulously entering the code to ensure I didn't miss anything or type it in incorrectly. It keeps telling me that "the code is not recognized", and a form pops up to fill out with your name, email, Gift Card Serial Number, and Gift Card Activation Code. It says that customers "normally" receive a response within 24 hours, and it's almost been 48 hours now. iTunes Support for this issue is apparently only available via email, and I've called nearly every single customer support line available ot make sure. Everyone says the same thing after putting me on hold for 15 minutes. "Apparently iTunes Support for this issue is only available through e-mail." And when I explain that I already have and that they are not responding. they say "I'm so sorry, I guess you'll just have to wait".


How is it that a GIFT CARD of all things has the worst support available at Apple? Seriously? So if I give someone an iTunes Gift Card, and it doesn't work...they have to spend days just trying to get in touch with someone?


And to top it off, I got mine through the Back to School promotion Apple's having, so...Apple gave me the card, and Apple won't help...well, I guess that's not as surprising as I thought now that I write it out.


Is ANYONE else having these issues? I found a post somewhere from 2 years ago where people were, but not recently.

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