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  • erikafromst. john's Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problems. So frustrating because the account i can't verify is the one linked to all my apps so I can't update anything.

  • t817 Level 1 Level 1

    Having the same problem!  I have gone through the motions of verifying the accounts (I have 2).  Verification email comes and makes me reset my password.  Okay, done, and redone...... still said verified by another Apple ID.   Why aren't they (Apple) fixing this?!  Oh, wait, because they have a total lock on the market and well face it, where you gonna go?  iphone, ipad, .... 7 apple products in the house and this is the service I get.  Sweet...not.

  • awuwi Level 1 Level 1

    I was able to restore access to my iTunes account in a very round about way.  There apparently is something broke on the back end of the Apple authentication engine.


    I changed my Apple ID to another email address that I have and is working.  I then was able to verify the address and log into Apple to manage my account.  I manage my own domain and email server so I have some flexability in solving the issue.  I created a new email account apple@<> and then registered that account with Apple ID and verified the account.  Once I was able to verify the email account I was able to change the primary account name to the apple@<>.  I need to update my Apple devices with the new iTunes account but this was the quickest way to resolve my issue.


    When i did try to verify the orignal account (5 years old) I got a message that is it associated with another apple ID.  This is probably true because I have used mobileme and now iCloud which would have my Apple primary email / id associated to it.  I was not sure how to remove that association.


    It appears that may with the introduction of iCloud that a dark cloud is passing overhead.  It is very clear that from all the posts that something is broken on the backend.  I love the Apple products but when it comes to getting real time on the phone support forget it.


    Apple Support hopefully you are reading the posts and now have a clue on where to look to fix this.

  • paulpp Level 1 Level 1

    Like many others getting really frustrated by this.  I love Apple but don't love their lack of communication on any issues!!!!!

  • neveo Level 1 Level 1

    im hgaving the same problem , but im getting i saw a message that said this email {my old mobile me  address is associated wih another id. i have used 1 apple id since the beggining and have a seperate mobile me account. i cant access the store or update my apps.

  • enli Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, this is very frustrating. Each time I try to delete my email from the Apple ID, apparently it doesn't work, because when I add it again (even after logging out, etc.) the system doesn't ask me to verify that email again. For other emails, this doesn't happen: each time I delete it, I have to verify again.
    There must be some sort of bug in the Apple ID verification system. Please fix this issue! Can some users tell how to ask fo support for these issues?

  • ljfromokc Level 1 Level 1

    Have you tried updating any iPhone/iPad apps with your new iTunes login?  I've also had to create a new Apple ID, but now I cannot update any of my iPhone, iPad apps because iTunes doesn't think I own them!!!

  • ljfromokc Level 1 Level 1

    Help!  I'm having a similar problem with a slight twist.


    Pre-iOS5/iCloud I had 2 Apple IDs.  The one I was using on my iPhone 4 & iPad was my gmail address.  The other was a (now dormant) MobileMe Apple ID dating back to my first iPhone 3G and the year I signed up for MobileMe - but I did not renew.  Anyway, the primary email address on my MobileMe Apple ID was the *same* email address as my other Apple ID account.  So that was a problem.


    The problem stuck up it's ugly head when I upgraded to iOS5 and tried to get access to iCloud on my iPhone & iPad devices.  I kept getting 'Account not verified' messages.  So I logged onto and asked it to resend the verify email.  Never got it, after many, many retries.  Checked my gmail spam, not there.  Changed the primary email address on my MobileMe Apple ID account to an old hotmail account.  The verify of my hotmail email address worked.  But I still could not verify my gmail Apple ID account.


    Finally I got frustrated and not finding any answers on the web, I changed the Apple ID on my gmail Apple ID account *from* my gmail address (which has a period in it) *to* my gmail address without the period.  As far as email address goes, gmail considers this to be the same address.  But saw it as a different email address and I *did* receive a verify email.  Great!  I now was able connect to iCloud on both my iPhone and iPad.


    Then the next problem hit!  I can no longer update my prior App Store purchases!  The App Store doesn't think I own them!  This is *really* bad!!!  I have considerable time and money invested in the apps I have on my iPhone and iPad.  So I thought, "Forget iCloud, I just want to update my apps"!  But *will not* allow me to change my Apple ID account Apple ID *back* to the gmail address format with the period in it.  So I'm stuck.


    Anyone know how to fix this?  This is not like Apple to put out an apparently half-baked and/or buggy change like this.  Apple where are you?!

  • saerts Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problems, but logging in with my first account and then with my new account (@me) helped me. It's working fine now...


    I only had problems with receiving email notifications on this thread... Logging in with my old (primary) account...


    Pfff, hope they will make something to really merge the accounts...

  • livinginamoment Level 1 Level 1

    I followed this person's suggestion and I can now access my itunes account again on everything, albeit under a different name so this is a good workaround until Apple fix it. Maybe it is something to do with the Itunes Match that is about to go live and of course the new iCloud feature as my itunes email was actually verified as one of the alternate addresses in my old Mobile Me Account which has been transferred to Icloud under the same login and could not be verified again.Totally stupid of course since I have been using that login for Itunes since Day One. I think Apple owns my soul at the moment as I have sent a whole week trying to fix things. I wish I was being paid for my time!

  • ericfromfairfield Level 1 Level 1

    I have never had another Apple ID, never used mobileme or icloud. Same itunes account for 2 years and now I can"t even sync my phone because of this "email verified for another id" garbage. What's the deal?!??!!!!!

  • erikafromst. john's Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem &amp; called the 1 800 number, a long wait but good service and it is all fixed for me now. The service guy said they are crazy busy since the iOS 5 came out, but normally an Apple Rep would be on this discussion advising on solutions. Save yourself the stress and just phone them. He waited on the phone with me until the fix was complete and I tried logging in and downloading an update to an app to make sure the apple Id's were sorted.

  • WPR Level 1 Level 1

    What phone number did you call?

  • erikafromst. john's Level 1 Level 1

    I went to the support page on the web site and picked my country from the list and dialed that number. The option I chose was iPad even though that wasnt the issue, but none of the options seemed to be correct. I was still able to get the help i needed from a great guy from Atlanta, Georgia. :) hope this helps.

  • WPR Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your prompt reply, but I still don't know what number you called.


    1-800 ?????????

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