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I can't seem to find a definitive asnwer to this anywhere.  I want to know if there is any way to make my airport extreme base station (airport extreme 802.11n 2nd gen model from around 2007 or 2008, firmware v7.5.2) release and renew it's client DHCP.  Note: I'm NOT talking about renewing the DHCP lease on my client computers, I'm talking about the airport base station's own CLIENT DHCP lease on its ethernet WAN connection.  I've seen some references to a renew DHCP button of some sort on the Internet -> Internet Connection tab or Internet-> TCP/IP tab within the Airport Utility (I'm running v5.5.3, the latest as of July 2011, under OSX 10.6.8), but I don't see that anywhere with my base station model / airport utility combo.  I think it's kind of ridiculous, this should be a super obvious easy to access setting for any router, why does Apple make this hard?


So, is it possible?


Some screenshots showing my airport utilty's controls:



(I manually blacked out my IP address)

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    You are correct there is no equivalent "DHCP renew" button within the AirPort Utility.


    As a workaround, what works for me:

    • On the TCP/IP tab, change the IPv4 setting to "Manually." Note the Update button will become available. Do NOT click on it yet.
    • Change the Configure IPv4 setting back to "Using DHCP."
    • Click on the Update button to restart the base station.