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I have been having an issue with FCP X loosing media. So, I thought I would try and see if the "Consolidate Media ..." feature might fix it.


I created a new event.

I imported a clip from a file.

I choose not to copy the file, leaving it on an external RAID drive.

I selected the clip in the Event Browser and choose Show In Finder.

It took me to the Original Media directory and there I could see the file was in fact an Alias, as it's supposed to be.

I then selected the project in the Project Library and Control Clicked the file (as it states in the manual) and choose Consolidate Media ...


I then got the dialog box that states "... there is nothing to consolidate ... all your media is already consolidated on one disk."


The FCP X Help file clearly states that this feature is used to consolidate your media when it resides on multiple disks. It appears that FCP X thinks my media is consolidated, but it's not. My media resides on multiple disks.


Has anyone else used this feature?


If so, did it work as defined?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), FCP 7 and FCP X
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    If you have one Event on one disc how is it on multiple discs?




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    I don't have one Event on one disk.


    As I mentioned in my original post, when I set up the Event and imported the clip, I chose not to copy the file. I left the file on an external RAID device. When I asked FCPX to reveal the clip in Finder, it revealed the Alias to the actual file.


    The media is on an external RAID array.

    The Event is in the FCPX Events folder on my internal boot drive.


    But when I try to consolidate the media, FCPX thinks the media is in the FCPX Event directory. If you read the FCPX manual, it clearly states that the feature is to be used when your media is on another driver. Mine is. The feature does not seem to be working.

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    Hey 1 Open Loop


    From the manual:

    Consolidate a project’s media files


    In the course of creating a project in Final Cut Pro, you might use media from a variety of locations, including your local computer and external storage devices. If the media used in the project is located on multiple hard disks, you can consolidate all the media used in the project on the same hard disk as the project.


    You note:

    But when I try to consolidate the media, FCPX thinks the media is in the FCPX Event directory.


    I'm wondering if its possible you've got your Final Cut Events directory mixed up with your Final Cut Projects directory?  If the project is also on the external drive, as is all the media, then the error message you're recieving may seem to make more sense.




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    The project/event files are in:




    In there is the file CurrentVersion.fcpevent and a folder called Original Media.


    Inside Original Media is an Alias for the one clip. The clip resides on an external RAID drive. When I click on the Alias and choose Show Original, it takes me to the location of the file on the RAID drive.


    I tested this with two projects. Same results. Each time FCPX gives me the message that there is nothing to consolidate.


    I did submit feedback to Apple on this issue. It is 100% reproducable.

  • Andy Mees Level 6 (12,605 points)

    Good find.


    Just for intersets sake / more info, did you also test to see if the Consolidate function still gives the same error when you add additional media (from the same external drive) to the project? Just wondering if its an issue specific to a single clip project? Also did you try using different external drives? Just in case its something specific to your disc?


    I'll try to reproduce on my own system as well.


    Thanks for teh heads up.


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    Maybe what your looking for is File> Organize Event files.


    You can read about it here (at bottom of page)




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    Organize Event Files appears to do what it states. It copies the files from where ever they are at to the FCP X Events folder.


    However, my post was about the Consolidate Media feature. It does not appear to be working. I have an issue with a file that FCP X can no longer see (seperate post) and I was hoping that the Consolidate Media feature might fix it. It didn't, since it appears the feature (as noted above) does not work.


    Thanks anyway.

  • The TonyTony Level 4 (1,300 points)

    I was just leaving feedback with Apple that it seem that reimport doesn't work.

    Let Apple know at





  • Alastair Mcarthur Level 1 (120 points)



    As far as I can understand the references to Consolidate Media in the Help file, it can be used to bring multiple media clips stored on multiple disks onto one disk. As the file you are attempting to consolidate is already on one disk the behaviour your seeing is correct. The entry in the Help file is


    2. Control-click the project to select it, and choose Consolidate Project Media from the shortcut menu.

    If a window appears stating that there is nothing to consolidate, all of your media files are already consolidated and located on one disk.


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    Your understanding of the Condolidate Media feature is the same as mine. It's supposed to consolidate media located on various drives to one drive. Users/Me/Movies/ FCP Events.


    However, as I pointed out in my original post, the media is not in the FCP Events folder, it's on an external RAID drive. So, Consolidate Media should copy the file to the Events folder. But it doesn't. For some reason FCP X thinks the media is already in the Events folder. This is why I think there is something wrong with the feature.

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    Consolidate Media will put it all in one place. Organize Event files will copy media that has been referenced   to the event file.


    From the Manual:

    Copy all external media files used by an Event to its Event folder

    1. Select the Event in the Event Library.
    2. Choose File > Organize Event Files.
    3. In the window that appears, click Continue.Final Cut Pro duplicates the media files and places the copy in the Final Cut Events folder on your computer.



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    I agree.


    I tested out File > Organize Event Files and it does copy files into the Events folder.


    However, Consolidate Media does not "consolidate" the media, becuase it thinks it's already condolidated, but it's not.


    I did leave feedback that this appears to be broken.

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    I've had no issue with re-import. That seems to work fine. It doesn't fix issues with media that has become lost, or un-linked. It simply imports another copy.

  • Alastair Mcarthur Level 1 (120 points)



    Can you confirm that you have more than one media file, on different disks, being used in the same project? As I understand it, it shouldn't matter if the media is referenced or not. What does matter is that their is multiple media files distributed across multiple disks. Consolidate will then copy or move the media onto the disk which contains the project.

    Try importing a new media clip located on the same disk as the one that holds your project and see if Consolidate will now behave as you expect it to.



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