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I bought my phone from ebay. It said it was unlocked. However, I put my Tmobile SIM card in, and its doing nothing. Not using the mobile internet, only working off WiFi! It also doesn't let people call, or text me; none of the usual things that you could do if you were to have a working SIM. I know my SIM works perfectly well but I'm just wondering why it is not working in the iPhone 3G? When I take it out, it notifys me to say there is none in, and when its in, it acts as if it is in, but just doesn't work or anything.. I've tried resetting the network settings, aswell as resetting the whole phone. Really need help on how to get it to be able to send/receive texts,calls and go on the internet. (Cellular data, 3G, ect. is all marked as 'on').

iPhone 3G