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I've scanned the apple forums on the web and can't find this issue for anyone else.


I just recently bought a new battery (2 months ago) and power adapter (3 days ago) for my old MacBook pro. First time I plugged it in, the laptop charged to full, because it was at 0% battery. After turning the mbp on at full battery I unplugged the power adapter and reattached it a few seconds later. There was no green light on the power adapter cord. Repeated and it seems as though the power adapter isn't recognized again while the mbp is still running. So while it was still running I plug the power adapter back in and put the mbp to sleep by closing the monitor. The power adapter then is triggered to charge and shows an amber light. When I open the mbp the light stays on and power is recognized from the operating system.


It irritates me because if I am backing up my iPad and it goes through the battery and almost drains before it's done, I have to stop the backup and sleep the mbp to get the adapter to charge it again.


The iPad is not the problem at all. Just the operating system not recognizing the adapter while it's turned on and plugged in after it's booted or brought back from sleep.


All software is up to date fully.


My old power adapter was a T input that came with it. The only option in apple stores now is the new L. Which apple says is compatible and considered its replacement.


Thanks for reading my post and helping with replies.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2006-2007 duo core version