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Hi, first thing I should say is that I'm new to the world of Mac and not very technologically minded!


From some time last week my Macbook (Mac OS X 10.6.3) stopped being able to access Facebook and Youtube. Today I searched online and after reading some information, decided to install software updates hoping this would help. Now I'm unable to access Facebook, Youtube or use Vuze. When I try to use Vuze it says I can't open it because there is no Java runtime on my computer. If I go Applications - Utilities, I can see Java Preferences but it does nothing when I try to open it.


Any help is very much appreciated and needed as I have a video I need to upload to Youtube as part of my college work.





MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Do you have one or more external backups of your disk and your data, and do you have your installation DVD disk?

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    I have an external hard drive which is used for Time Machine backups - I just tried to restore the Java folders but that didn't work. I have the installation disk but it is in England and I am currently in Asia, I could get it sent over but that would take a few weeks and my college deadline is on the 25th of this month!

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    I've also discovered that I'm unable to use Compendium, the program I'm doing my college work on so at the moment I'm completely unable to submit any work, let alone upload the my video diary to Youtube...

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    The Java update might cure this.  Do try it.


    I would encourage getting a second external disk and creating a full-disk backup using Disk Utility or analogous in general.  For what I'm going to suggest here, I'd prefer to have at least two external backups, to avoid data loss, and Time Machine restorations can sometimes be wonky.


    The suggestions?  Three-fold.  The first potential solution here is going to involve the download and reinstallation of a Mac OS X combo patch kit (the combo kit, and not the delta kit), then load the Java update and other kits.  (Have a backup.)


    Second, booting and installing a fresh copy of Mac OS X over the top of your existing disk, and that involves the need for a Mac OS X client installation DVD disk.  Then updating the new installation on the internal disk to current.  (And I'd prefer to have backups here, to avoid data loss.)


    The third and most involved suggestion is the nuke-and-pave reinstallation over the top of what you have here.  The use of one of your external backup disk image copies as a migration source, and booting and using the distribution DVD to wipe the existing internal disk, and then perform the import from the external copy.


    And do get yourself a copy of the Snow Leopard DVD.


    Computers fail, and installation disks and backups are your path back to operation.

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    Thank you Linc Davis, but I've tried that and I can't run it.


    I'm going to get another external hard drive today and have a second backup - this episode is teaching me quite a lot!


    MrHoffman, thank you for the advice. When I searched for The OS X combo patch kit I was taken to this page,


    http://support.apple.com/kb/index?page=search&product=&q=Mac%20OS%20X%20combo%20 patch%20kit%2010.6.3&src=support_site.kbase.search.searchresu


    They all seem to be updates, is this what I need? I'm sure it was a combo update that started this whole problem..?

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    I've tried that and I can't run it.


    Why not? What happened?

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    doesn't meet the system requirements, I have OS X 10.6.3, I've tried to find a suitable update but couldn't

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    Is there some reason why you don't want to update to 10.6.8?

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    I didn't know I could, how would I go about doing that?

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    The easiest way is simply to choose "Software Update" from the Apple menu. You may have to do it more than once in order to get all the available updates.

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    Thanks, I'm trying that....

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    Yes; it can seem odd.  Downloading a copy of the combo update and re-applying it is a longstanding technique for dealing with corrupted updates.  Updates can go wonky during the installation for various reasons, and various hard disks run three to six uncorrected hard errors per terabyte, give or take.  Reloading an update can clear some of these cases.

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    It's fixed! I eventually managed to do the software update without it going wrong (forth time lucky) and then I was able to install Java update 5 and now everything is working! Thank you both for your help, I have learned quite a lesson here and will make sure I back up my data regularly, the instillation DVD and CD are also on their way to me all the way from the UK just in case they're needed in the future.

    Thanks again