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is mackeeper good for my imac

  • WZZZ Level 6 Level 6 (12,775 points)

    NO! Stay far away from it. It's overpriced garbage, which may cause problems on your Mac and they have a very bad reputation for unethical, slimy business practices.


    Look around and you will see numerous threads with more details.

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    Judith, I don't agree with WZZZ as MacKeeper is a good app indeed and from my point of view the best way to find out if you need the app is to give it a try - so you may visit its official website to find out more about the app itself and to download 15-days full-functional trial of MacKeeper - you'll be able to remove junk, threats you may have on your Mac, restore some lost files if you have the ones and more.

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    Hey Sana....earning some bucks again as zeobit spammer? The ONLY thing you are removing with ZEOBIT Mackeeper is the speed from your mac and a lot of files ! Stay well away from it!!

    Google mackeeper or just look here at apple discussions, you will find plenty of people AND reasons not to go near it!

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    When did you drop your statement about your alligence with Zeobit that you used to have on your posts? Dropping that might get you in hot water with the moderators.


    Personally I have to agree with WZZZ except for his failure to mention had bad your technical support is. Seeing as how they are generally less then helpful with the advise they provide.



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    Umm, Sana_Paul, you are a paid representative of Zeobit.


    A disclaimer is in order.

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    NO IT'S NOT, STAY AWAY... and if you've installed it already, here's how to remove it.


    To Completely Uninstall and Remove Zeobit's MacKeeper



    Download and Install AppCleaner

    Download and Install Find Any File


    Run AppCleaner

    1. Click on Applications
    2. Select MacKeeper
    3. Click on Search
    4. Select all results
    5. Click on Delete

    Run Find Any File

    1. Search for zeobit
    2. Select and Delete all results (except for those already in the Trash)
    3. Search for mackeeper
    4. Select and Delete all results (except for those already in the Trash)

    Open Up Keychain Access

    1. Search for zeobit
    2. Select and Delete all results
    3. Search for mackeeper
    4. Select and Delete all results

    Secure Empty Trash




    Unless you perform all of these steps, you'll have remnants of Zeobit's MacKeeper app. I had installed MacKeeper several weeks ago, when I had accidentally deleted some files on my Mac -- hoping to use their "undelete" feature. This was when my nightmare began. Even after using AppCleaner to remove it, there were still some background processes that were running every 10 seconds. While probably harmless, this adds unnnecessary strain on the Mac.


    The key was also using Find Any File and delete any entries in the Keychain Access.



    Download Links



    I hope this helps!


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    Thanks for the excelelnt advice on how to remove mackeeper.  I made the mistake of downloading and installing it - I suspected something was "up" after I ran a scan on my 3 day old iMac and it discovered over 1,200 "critical" errors that needed immediate attention.  Before I paid the $39, I saw the Apple Forum (which I should have referred to originally, since I'm a Mac newbie) which painted a different view of the intent and efficacy of this product.


    I followed your advice to the letter and it successfully removed all traces.



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       I would have to agree with you re: the amount of critical errors. It showed that I had over 1,600 "critical" errors and I hardly used my machine for anything. I just bought MacKeeper yesterday morning and although I have not had the experience of my machine slowind down yet,


       Is there a way for me to hget a refund?




  • Allan Eckert Level 8 Level 8 (47,850 points)

    You can try asking Zeobit for one.


    So far I have heard that they are even worst in that area they are at coding.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks Allan.

  • Allan Eckert Level 8 Level 8 (47,850 points)

    Please come here in the future first before buying something. We will try to prevent you from doing move like that in the future.



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    Refunds are best obtained through the Credit Card Processor, rather than by writing to the "scammer" company.  Back in my PC days, I bought a similar piece of scam software that was "guaranteed" but every time I wrote to the company - with each request more direct that all I wanted was a refund - I got back a platitude about how great the software was and why wasn' I happy.  One request to the biller and I got my refund.  If the biller won't help or if you can't find out/remember who it is, ask your Credit Card issuer to do a chargeback.  You will have to sign an affidavit that the software was not "as advertised" and of no value, but it should work.  However, biller's hate chargebacks.  They will probably help.

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    May be best to stay away from anything that says it will cleanup or fix your computer, pc or mac.

    Backup and manually clean up programs as you go along and save yourself a lot of trouble.

    When things get downright miserable, then reformat drive and install os. then transfer your info back.

    The only utility that I have found to be slightly useful is appzapper.

    Even it may not rid you of all unwanted files.

    Rule # 1 - do not install all the free stuff in the first place.

    PC's come with loads of free stuff, a pile of crud. that's why they have to try to give it away at first.

    This includes all the antivirus suites etc.

    Only good free stuff is distributed by true open source developers. Not by software companies.