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    I had a similar problem tonight and dreaded doing some of the fixes suggested.  My son asked me what I had done previous to the problem and that led to uploading some images to PS C5 and iPhoto.  He suggested I quit iMovie and restart iPhoto.  Once I did that and restarted iMovie the problem was gone.  I will keep you posted if the problem comes back.

    Running 10.8.5, iMovie 9.0.9, 2 X 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, mac pro, 3,1,  26GB memmory, SSD 500GB (system), 3TB movie storage drive plus external eSATA drive for resource movies. Rendering to Quicktime a 2:22 hr. project.

  • RichAT2 Level 1 Level 1

    Further information from above statements.  iMovie did attempt to render a project but just as it finished it crashed and has done that each time thereafter.  Starting and closing iPhoto did no good.

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    Thanks for the work around!

    It worked for a medium size movie. =)

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    I hit that problem while I was trying to solve the famous error 108 or 49 or 50 when rendering a long project. I tried to cut that long project in smaller pieces, but then I got the not enough memory issue all the time (used to be after one rendering attempt). I moved older projects into a different folder and then I was able to export the movie.


    Now I need to be able to finish the rest of the rendering since it seems that some parts of the movie still bring me to the errors listed above.


    It's really a shame that Apple doesn't develop their leading iLife applications anymore. After the retirement of iPhoto, what do you think will happen to iMovie?

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    This worked! Don't be scared to try this, guys. Thank you

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