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Is it possible to connect to a wifi network without the atv2 remote? I forgot it at home and want to use my iphone instead, but its a new network so I have to type in the password first.



AppleTV 2
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    If the new network has ethernet and your iPhone is connected to wi-fi you could probably control it that way to setup the new network settings.


    Chances are though you won't have the ethernet cable either if you're on holdiay.



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    I have ethernet but not by the tv. So I am able to control it, but not when I disconnect the ethernet. Is there a way to turn on wifi while connected to ethernet?

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    Ah, I see what you mean - you can't get into the wi-fi section to add details when connected over ethernet I asuume.


    Unfortunately plugging in ethernet makes the unit default to ethernet so it can't communicate over wi-fi.


    Don't suppose you're near anywhere that might sell an Apple remote?  They're not that costly and often handy to have a spare.