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my macbook charger one day stopped working. when i plug it in the red light won't come on when i have the longer extension thing in. when it's just the first part, after unplugging and replugging about 4-6 times, it will finally work. i don't remember anything happening to the charger, this just started happening.

is there any ways to fix this, or do i have to buy a new one? if so, where do i buy a new one and how much does it cost? thanks (:

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    Hi Sarah. You can try resetting the SMC first. Here's the link.




    If you continue to have issue with the charger after this, then it could be a hardware issue. If you can borrow a charger, borrow one first and see if that works. If so, then you would need a new one. A new one from Apple is $79. If there's nobody you can borrow from, then go to an Apple store.