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Spent a couple of hours with support, but the basic problem is that IPad2 has two User Interface bugs.  First, when configuring your account for saving mail on the IPad2 or the server under Advanced > Mailbox Behaviors, the IPad2 default is to the IPad2; however, the defaults are not shown on this screen in the initial configuration.  For example, when configured to save the Drafts Mailbox to the IPad2 (default) is should say "On my Ipad" instead of being blank to provide the user some feedback about changing the default if desired.  Secondly, and perhaps, more importantly, the "Sent" icon (paper airplane) is missing, the "Sent" folder is inserted among any existing mail folders in alphabetical order -- a problem for those of us that have hundreds of email folders.  The solution is simple -- select the Sent folder even though it doesn't have an icon and may be way down in your list of folders.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3