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Today I went to unlock my phone, and it froze on that screen, when I tried to restart it, it went to the screen pops up right after plugging in the phone to charge and said it was 5:53 on July 2nd. After I tried to restart it again, the loading circle (that appears when a picture is loading) popped up. It has been like this for three hours, and when I plug it up it makes the noise that means it recognizes being plugged in, and repeats the sound every five minutes. The screen will not go black, and calling it does not do anything either. The reset button also has no affect. Is there anything I should do, or should I just take it to the apple store? Please note it has done this before, but in these cases just went black and fixed after being plugged in for a while. 

iPhone 3GS, iOS 3.1.3