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Some off my keys on my keyboard melted when I closed the top on my new Mac Book Pro. Anybody ells experienced the same?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7
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    Your not running Windows 7 on your new Mac Book Pro are you? looking at your Signature leads me to this question, that might be your problem, power management for Windows or OSX or dodgy CPU fan causing overheating? but surely not on a new machine though, and yes heat will build up with the lid down which leads me back to incorrect power management settings, Such as "When lid closed Turn Off Screen" "turn off hard discs" "Turn off backlit keys"

    "Lower CPU Speed" these are the kinds of things I would be looking for in your Power Settings in Control Panel in Windows or Settings in OSX, I consider Windows to be a Virus, it's a lot better since XP but it's still endless updates and security issues and very little creativity IMO, I've been infected with it since Windows 3.1 :/


    What worries me more is if your warranty becomes invalid for a new one if your running windows and not OSX.

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    I,m afraid your right regarding Windows but its instaled and set up by the local Apple store so I vant see how they Can avoid a warranty

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    well if you have all your paperwork or proof of purchase it should be fine, or checkout the Genie Bar here at Apple Support somewhere to register the fault so you have the codes you need to return it, i need to do this as well but I don't know where Genie Bar is yet, mines going straight back to Amazon as it's only 3months old and only getting 3hrs on this battery. problem with 10.6.8 on "some" of the 13" Mac Book Pros and lost connection to EXT HD drive.

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    It is suppose to be a computer able to run Windows, the whole idea of making it easy for people to switch.


    you didn't post in the Boot Camp forum. Nor is this the support forum for notebooks either though.


    Ah, from what I have read, i would not let a local store setup Windows. And had they, I'd take the Windows DVD and redo it again with fresh clean install.


    What you need to do though is use your 1 yr warranty from Apple.



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    I have the same issue.. Took it to apple yesterday & I have apple care.. They said it is NOT under warranty... Although there is no sign of physical dammage on the keys (If I spilt a candle or dropped a cigarette, like the GENIUS bar guy told me, you would have seen some signs)


    Useless apple care... Will get it refunded ASAP to cover for the cost of repair ($202 + tax)