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I have an iPad 2 with Verizon 3G. I've activated the prepaid one-month 3G service, based on the clear instructions on the Verizon website. The activation went smoothly, and I've had excellent 3G service. My service plan is for one month--1gb for $20. Now I want to stop the 3G service for a couple of months and then restart the service for another month. This kind of stopping and restarting service is what the iPad ads highlighted as a benefit of the 3G plans.


My question is, How do I stop the service, and then how do I restart the service later? I've found no instructions on doing this on either the Verizon or Apple websites (nor anywhere else). And I've gotten conflicting advice from the good folks at the Apple store and from Verizon support staff.


One view is that I merely turn "Cellular Data" off from within "Settings" (Settings-->Cellular Data-->Cellular Data-->Off) before the end of my one-month service term. I'm told that I will not be charged for another month until I next turn the "Cellular Data" back on. Turning "Cellular Data" back on, I'm told, will automatically initiate another one-month of service at my previous plan level.


Another view is that I have to completely cancel the service from within "My Account" to stop the service and not be charged for the next month. Then when I want to restart service a couple of months later, I will need to go through the whole activation process from the beginning, just as I did when I initially activated 3G service.


If you have had experience stopping and restarting the Verizon 3G prepaid service for iPad 2, I would greatly appreciate knowing how you did it and what, if any, problems you encountered. In particular, did you have to reset your account under "Subscriber Services" in "Settings"?


Thank you.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    I have the same question as you did 10 months ago. I see that you didn't get a response, but wonder if you eventually fund out how to do this. Would appreciate a response. Thanks.

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    You have to cancel your account during the month in order to not be charged for the next month. Here is a link to an article that describes the process. The relevant steps are in the section beginning "Additional Information." Be sure to click on the "Delete Account Later" option. Otherwise, your service is cancelled immediately. With the "Delete Account Later" option, the service and charges are stopped at the end of your month. After your service has been cancelled, you need to reset, as described in the instructions (steps 6-9). Then when you want to initiate service again, you go through the initiation process anew. It is not the simple on-and-off process that I was expecting from an Apple-linked service. But it has worked okay for me. (Actually, I've evolved toward just leaving the service on. I don't have a smart phone, and having the iPad cellular service always available (e.g., for the map while on trips) has been an occasional convenience worth the $20 per month for me.) Let me know if any of this is unclear and I'll try to clarify.


    To cancel:




    To activate



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    Thanks for the helpful response. One last question.  A Verizon representative told me that I cannot stop the monthly data service for longer than 90 days as a time.  After 90 days my account will be closed, and  my SIM card will be permanently deactivated.  I will then have to go to the store and get a new SIM card before signing up for the monthly plan again.  Do you know if this is true?

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    I'm glad you reminded me of that limitation; I had forgotten about it. And it doesn't seem to be written anywhere, at least not that I've seen. Back in August 2011 a Verizon customer service rep (by phone) told me about that limitation except that she said it was 5 months (which seems an odd duration). I think I've gone as long as 4 months without a problem, but I'm not certain about that duration. I can imagine that this is something that Verizon might change. I suggest calling the Verison support call center and insist on speaking with someone trained in the iPad service (back in August I finally got to talk with one such person, and it helped). And then ask to speak with a supervisor and see if you get the same response.


    It really is a shame that the process of activating and deactivating the Verizon cellular account on the iPad is so murky and clumsy. I hope Verizon and Apple will develop a simpler and more elegant process. Having said this, however, I should also say that I have been very pleased with the service once I learned how to activate and deactivate it.

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    I have to say that AT&T has no such limitation as far as I'm aware. This is stupid. also, since when did verizon use sim cards? your ipad 2 shouldn't have one.


    the new ipad may as it is lte.

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    I don't know about the IPad 2.  However, the New IPad (Ipad 3) comes with a SIM card if its the model that comes with the 4G LTE capability.