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    LaCie still uses this special "auto" switch on the more expensive "enterprise" versions. Let's hope they will re-uses it in the future again.


    Well, if LaCie would offer the firmware upgrade soon, I might even wait for it. I like the LaCie's.

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    I have about a dozen Lacie drives and have never had a problem with using them on my Macbook with Snow Leopard until this new V3, which has the same problem as described above. I first thought I had a defective drive, so I took it back and exchanged it, but same problem. I looked in vain for answers on-line and am very happy to find this thread, even if it's just to know other people out there who share my pain. (The store I purchased this from said they could only exchange for store credit unless I had bought a service agreement!)


    I finally got a human on the phone at Lacie who admitted that it was a 'known problem" (too bad it wasn't "known" to the store!) and that there would be a downloadable fix on their site at some unspecified date. The Lacie guy said to set the powersave so it doesn't sleep. That worked for about a day or two and now even that doesn't work. I use this drive for editing and if I take a break and it goes to sleep, not only does it not wake up, but I have to force quit the editing software. Once back at the desktop, the drive icon still appears but you can't drag it to the trash or open to see the contents. So you have to just hit the power button and start over. Maddening!


    Not only is this drive "not ready for prime time" :-)  but they also made other "improvements", including a wall-wart power supply instead of a power cable, which now covers 3 outlets on my power strip. Lacie told me that the problem is the FW 800 and if I used it on USB it would work find. But even if I decided to use a new USB cable, IT DOESN'T COME WITH IT!


    The previous Lacies came with every cable you needed for every port, but this doesn't have the USB cable. It also doesn't have a FW400 port (which I still use for some devices). The only improvement worth anything is the smaller cardboard box it comes in. The rest is worse!


    If you are able to find the previous version, it should work great for you. I just bought 3 of them even thought I don't need them right now, just to have when I need them. I'm VERY disappointed in this drive! (Can you tell?)

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    I understand your anger, have been battling with this malicious V3 drive nearly two weeks now. To be fair though I have to say that as I am typing right now I'm driving (well, not whilst driving, took a short stop for lunch ) to that Apple Reseller where I bought the drive who after a call from LaCie replace my V3 for a V2. Out of the blue I got the message in the mail today that they are willing to replace my drive with the older model. Since the shop is only a 15-minutes-ride away I didn't want them to exchange drives via mail but in person.

    Also, the V3 does come with all cables for its ports! USB 3.0, 9-to-9 Firewire, eSATA. There's even a GB adapter included for the power supply.


    I agree that V3 is "not ready for prime-time" for those planning to use it with FW800, but despite all annoyance and time wasted I must say that I didn't feel let down neither by LaCie's nor the dealer's support so far. Every mail got answered immediately, every phone call was handled politely and patiently. I think that speaks FOR the brand LaCie not against it.


    I guess they are perfectly aware of the bad publicity they get throughout boards on the internet, so I thought it's time to post something in favor of LaCie.


    Just my 2c.

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    Thanks Flo--the reseller I bought from said that it was missing the USB 3.0 and that she thought all the Lacie drives usually came with all the cables you need but V# was missing the USB 3.0. When I looked, mine didn't have it (I didn't look in the first one I bought because I thought I had a dud drive) but it was an "open box" which was somehow lacking that cable.


    I have never had problems with Lacie in the past and when I needed a repair they handled it beautifully. But my dealer will not take this drive back and I will have to get a store credit. If they had V2 in stock I would exchange it. I asked Lacie if they could send out an email letting people know when the downloadable fix is ready but they said that would be impossible for them to do, so I guess I'll have to keep checking their website.


    So did your reseller have the V2 in stock, or did Lacie send them one? Thanks for the info...still, really a pain; I have wasted so much time with this. I wasn't impressed with the Lacie rep this time, and I didn't get any response from my email until the next day, right after I called them. Last time I had an issue they were fantastic. They're probably tired of people calling them about this.

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    Then your dealer should place an order for a V2 at LaCie. I was fortunate enough that the Apple Store had plenty of both versions in stock and just replaced them on goodwill. Now they have to deal with LaCie, but not me


    For the record: New drive (V2) works a charm. Also it seems a better quality product. The power supply is of better quality, the firewire cable is of a higher grade, not to mention it features one port more (FW400) and has the more valuable energy control (On-Auto-Off).

    Only the cardboard box is like twice as big as the V3's, but I knew this from my first purchase and this time wore a bigger rucksack on my motorcycle


    I hope everything works out for you too! Don't slacken the reins on them. Those companies, and dealers have to be under constant pressure otherwise they will think they're off the hook! I know it's bothersome - but they sold you a product that basically violates the Sales of Good Acts in so far as it is "not fit for purpose".


    Before they consent to the exchange I had to email and phone pretty high up in the ranks of the dealership, expressing my dissatisfaction politely but determined. With the result that when I got there tonight they had everything ready for me in the manager's office They didn't even check the old box for completeness (not that I kept anything of that crap). I thanked them and was on my way again.

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    It's good to hear that LaCie is aware of the problem and working on a fix, but according to Amazon this dirve has been available since May 14, 2011, it's now August 1, 2011, that's 2 months, 18 days. So, in 2 months, 18 days that haven't been able to come up with a firmware update. Plus, why was this drive even released if it had this problem? Why is support telling people to adjust the Energy Saver preferences to stop if from happening (itt doesn't)? Why does the manual say that it can be changed with LaCie Desktop Manager (it can't)? Why do you have to register the hard drive just to contact Tech Support? Since you have to be a registered user to conntact them, and they have all your info why can't they contact the owners when a firmware update is released?

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    Allen Barnella wrote:

    but according to Amazon this dirve has been available since May 14, 2011

    That was one of my arguments too. "I need the disk now, and I need it to work via Firewire". It's not my business to check firmware updates or wait for the disk to magically start to work one day.


    Well, they released an update for Lion (1.4.2 in June), but that did not solve the apparent problem with the V3's enclosure, which by the way I doubt can be addressed by a software update.

    The support's "solutions" buys them time. Time during which many customers may grow tired of complaining and get used to working around the problem (i.e. switch the disk on when needed and off afterwards). There's only so many people willing to go the extra mile to enforce their right. Good for companies, bad for customers.

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    Well, I couldn't contact them without registering the drive, so I didn't. After using Macs for almost 18 years I was pretty sure that they wouldn't have anything useful to say and this thread bears that out. I found the early stages of this thread while I was doing the 7 pass erase on the drive to send it back for a refund. I've since returned it to B&H Photo for a refund. I didn't really need Firewire 800 or a 7200 RPM drive so I replaced it with a Western Digital My Passport SE and saved over $50 on the cost of the LaCie and it has been working flawlessly for over a week now. Based on the internet it's becoming apparent that more and more preople are experiencing this issue with the drive and like me are returning them to their place of purchase. Maybe LaCie will pay attention now to wether or not their drive actualy works with Macs.

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    Having major issues with the new version of the LaCie d2 Quadra drives (with usb3). Got my MacPro tower crashing immediately and then crashed my brand new MacBook Pro. All three drives are going back, and I'll be running to the apple store to see if they have anymore of the old 400&800firewire/usb2 version.


    I have at least 14 of these drives and I am greatly disappointed in LaCie for releasing this product before the kinks were worked out. I rely on these things being totally ready to go, as reliable as they've ever been, right out of the box, as I am a filmmaker with lots of media to download nearly every day.



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    Good to know that customer service does word sometimes ;-)


    As said above I got a full refund without any questions asked and without any service agreement. Living in Europe I have this right to exchange products within a week or so. Unfortunately, they did not have the V2 on stock, so I ordered it online elsewhere. I ordered this 2TB version with the article number 301500EK and the "auto" switch. The LaCie support confirmed prior to my order that it works as my old V2.  I'll let you know if it works as promised once it has arrived. By the way, the V3 that I returned contained all the cables as advertised.

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    Having similar issues with firewire and the D2 quadra. I have a V2B. I did notice that Lacie posted this a few days ago, which appears to be a firmware update. I'm not sure if it is just for version 3 or if it includes v2b.



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    Awesome! I will try it immediately.

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    I have three version 1 d2 Quadras , one version 2 and 1 new version 3.


    I have not had the sleep issues several mention above, but I had issues with the blue light coming on and off, the drive waking up for no reason and not going into sleep and staying there.  The drive fortunately has not effected my new iMac waking or sleeping or freezing up.


    I contacted LaCie customer support, was told about the firmware update and have done it successfully.


    I miss the auto switch on the version 1 and 2 and may try to exchange my v3 for another v2. Has anyone been able to get a v2 replacement from LaCie directly?


    The Eco mode seems to be unavoidable - their replacement for the auto switch perhaps. I zero'ed-out the drive at the start and erased all the LaCie software - I don't want their disk management tools.


    It seems as if the first half hour after non-use (when it's in Eco mode) the blue light blinks and the device begins to go to sleep.


    My problem - it seems to wake up erratically even when not accessed, the blue light comes on and then goes off - sometimes I hear the sound it makes when it first mounts, sometimes it's just the blue light.


    Anyone else have this issue??


    Mrs H

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    Sadly, I haven't been able to install the firmware update. Anyone know a way to install this on Lion?

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    Hi Mrs H,


    Sorry cannot help you on this. You might start another ticket with LaCie. In my case they were very helpful. I replaced my V3 to V2 through the local dealer without any problems (se post above).


    It seems that sometimes the hard drive starts out of the blue - somewhat fitting here ;-), but in my case its typically timemachine or maybe - I assume - some OS X maintenance or spotlight indexing.