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I have all of my music based in a separate folder from my iTunes, and it is also backed up on an external hard drive in the iTunes library because I have my preferences set to "Copy Files to iTunes Media folder when adding to."


The problem is, when I click add folder to Library, I can only select one folder at a time.  I want to add multiple folders, but not all  of the sub-folders that are contained underneath the same folder.  I used to be able to do this, with a window that allowed me to use the ctrl key to select multiple folders.  I used to click the folder everything was in, and it would open that folder so I could select the certain folders I wanted.  Now, I get a window only with a + next to folders that opens up the subfolders and I can only select one.


How do I get back to the other style of window?  It is not my version of iTunes because I have updated it on all of my computers/laptops, and the one laptop I use iTunes with the most is the only one that gives me this problem.  Moving my music folders (or even copying them) to a new folder to add them is not an option.  I am dealing with too much music and I'm not willing to waste that much time, especially when I know there is an easier way that I used to be able to use.

iTunes, Windows XP Pro