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iPhone 3G - 4.2.1

iTunes 10.3.1

Windows 7


The WiFi option in my settings is greyed out and says "No WiFI"

The WiFi address also says NA


Bluetooth is working fine, and have other issues I'm aware of


I've tried a Network Settings Reset, a Full reset, turning on and off airplane mode, turning on and off the handset


Any Ideas on other things I can try aside from going to see apple?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2
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    i am sorry i dont have an answer for you, but i am joining the discussion in hopes that someone will see this and share how to fix it.  i began having the exact same problems with my iphone.  i have called at&t and was on the phone for over an hour, they couldnt figure it out.  when i called apple they wanted me to purchase a plan, which i am sorry but i think is ridculous that they expect all of us to pay for help.  i have had nothing but problems with this phone since i got it, and unfortunaty it keeps getting worse.

    so far i have


    contacted and worked with at&t

    updated, 3 times

    restored settings

    turned router off and on several times, no change

    turned airplan mode on and off, at least with this is will attemp a search.


    still nothing, everything remains grayed out and n/a.  everything else in my home, including my other phone, not apple, is fine.


    please help