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    You will have to get a HDMI Cable from apple or best buy becasue the cord is too short at the apple store. The nice thing about the iPad 2 is that it will "mirror" the ipad screen to the projector. Your projector should have a hdmi cable plug you can use. When you plug in the hdmi cable to the projector, you need to find the right channel that will show your home screen. At the apple store or online, there is a hdmi cable adapter you can buy. The front of the adapter is a ipod plug so you'll just plug it into your ipad. The other end of your hdmi cable plugs into the back of the adapter. I hooked my dad's ipad 2 up to his tv using this. It should take about 7-8 seconds for it to appear on the screen after you hook up your ipad. Please comment if you have any other questions.


    There is another way you can mirror your ipad to your projector. Int he upcoming months, when the iphone 5 comes out, ios5 will have a feature of mirroring through AppleTV over wifi. AppleTV is around 100 bucks but easy to setup.

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    I teach wirelessly from the Ipad2 and Iphone 3gs and 4s.  It is better if you use built in wireless but not necessary.  here is how I do it.


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    Panasonic looks like they've developed an app to work with their wireless projectors: onic-projectors/

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    Does anyone know if there is am HDMI to VGA adaptor.  For simple slide presenations, I would like to set up as follows:


    Apple TV to podium VGA port using adaptor


    iPad 2 using airplay and mirror to the Apple TV


    Most classroom podium (podiae) do not have HDMI connections for ceiling projectors



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    Plenty of HDMI to VGA at amazon. 

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    I am an educator who is using my ipad 2 untethered with full mirror plus sound...An amazing teaching tool and a pretty simple process to go totally wireless with your ipad 2 and a non-hdmi projector...will cost about $150 to rig up.


    1.  As mentioned above, go to Amazon and purchase an hdmi to composite video (yellow, red, white) converter...about $40


    2.  Buy an Apple TV ($99)...the new "puck" model


    3.  Because my work network is  utilizing "Enterprise Security", my Apple TV will not connect into the wireless network...Therefore you should download the "Connectify Lite" software, which is for free.  This will turn your wifi connected laptop into a wifi hotspot for other devices. 

    4.  For me, I have a VCR/DVD player with composite inputs, which is connected into a ceiling mounted projector.  Plug your Apple TV output into the hdmi to composite converter and then connect the composite output on the converter into the VCR/DVD player inputs, which feeds into the projector


    5.  Turn on your apple tv and connect both it and your ipad 2 into the "Connectify" wifi network you've set up with the software on your laptop.  (this takes the Enterprise Security problem out of the mix...your network is now local in your classroom) Connectify will recognize both your ipad and apple tv as connected devices to it.  Once it does this, you know you are in business.


    6.  Sync up your ipad and apple tv through Airplay and...


    7.  Voila, full wireless mirrored ipad 2 on your experience is that while certainly there must be some video quality degredation as you convert hdmi to composite, it is still plenty sharp and usable in what is projected from your projector


    8.  Good luck and while this may seem like a convoluted process, it works like a charm for me and allows me to use the ipad as an incredible teaching tool with full mobility around the classroom on my part.

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    Like many of you, I am a teacher who wants to use my iPad as a wireless tablet using airplay mirroring. I also have an Apple TV2 and a projector in my classroom with a digital DVI input.


    Heres the problem I run into, the projector is mounted to the ceiling, so I would have to rest the Apple TV2 on the projector. Not sure what problems that would cause. Anyone have any ideas?


    The big problem is feeding the AppleTV power, now we're talking about running the power cord into the ceiling to the nearest power source (presumable near where the projector is getting power).


    Connecting the AppleTV to the network using an CAT5/6 cable would also be preferred but not necessary, and that would require more wiring.


    Possible, but it may be difficult with an administration that isn't willing to start messing with all of that hardware.


    An alternative idea that I had. Is there any way to do Airplay Mirroring from iPad2 to my MacBook? If that were possible, I wouldnt need to connect my AppleTV to the projector, just my Macbook which I can do and already do very easily every day.

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    A simpler process than my original process and one that has higher quality projection...


    From a ceiling mounted projector (it does have hdmi input), hook up your apple tv 2 ("the puck") to it with hdmi output.  I happen to have a power strip in the ceiling, where a outlet for the mounted projector is located.


    While I still use "Connectify" effectively as a common wifi connection for my ipad and apple tv, another option is to use your phone if you can set it up as a wifi hotspot (tethering)... this also works like a charm.


    Anyhow, if you can connect your apple tv into an hdmi projector, the quality is even better than with the converter box I mentioned in the earlier post.


    Also, if you dont have an apple tv and projector with an hdmi input...try out an app like AirSketch.  This will allow you to "project" what is on your ipad screen in when AirSketch app is open (can show photos, etc. and allow annotation of them -- complete access to your photo roll) to a web site address, which you can then open on your hard wired laptop connected to the projector.  This will allow "a limited but still effective" wireless mirroring possibility in the classroom.


    Hope all these ideas help...I'm blessed to have some great technology already in the classroom and am having a blast integrating my ipad into the mix...even beyond the "Wow factor from the kids" there are some great uses I'm finding (review games with visuals...etc.)


    As a history teacher, this is great, as what I can project up on my screen (from political cartoons, to maps, to readings, etc.) is all available wirelessly as I circulate through the room.


    To be able to be "old school" teacher centered sometimes but to not be tethered to a podium as we lecture / debate / discuss ROCKS!

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    If your projector can take an Apple TV input, then it shouldn't be a problem - but I certainly would not recommend doing any such work without your school's blessing, whether it's Facilities, Admin, or IT that's responsible for it. :-)


    Syncpad will allow you to do some of the same things as Airskeptch, I believe - you can send from the iPad to the computer (and thus the projector), but you are limited to what's available in the syncpad app. You'd have to check them out for specifics - I haven't used it.


    Epson network projectors now have a very limited ability to connect directly to the iPad through the iProjection App. It won't show other apps either - just photos and documents (Office, Keynote, PDF).


    I sometimes use Splashtop Remote Desktop or Whiteboard to control the computer through the iPad - again, not what you were looking for, but for certain purposes can be way to access the projector from the iPad.


    Bottom line, the closest option now is the Apple TV device, otherwise true mirroring isn't available yet. Maybe we'll see AirPlay enabled projectors in the near future...

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    Like many of you, I am a teacher who wants to use my iPad as a wireless tablet using airplay mirroring. I also have an Apple TV2 and a projector in my classroom with a digital DVI input...


    I went through the same problems in September with a simular classroom projector, no Hdmi but DVI. For the video signal it's a simple $5 Hdmi to DVI adaptor, both plugs use the same video signal.


    The problem is AppleTv2 only outputs digital audio. Digital PCM audio from the HDMI port or digital optical from the TosLink output. You'll still need an analog audio signal like a earphone or RCA jack to plug into the old ceiling mounted projector.


    Part of the effort was to avoid running any wires and since the AppleTv2 is so tiny it easly mounts to the projectors drop pole.


    In the end a thin fiber optic TosLink cable and a new soundbar speaker was needed for the audio.

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    This app might work...Whiteboard VGA Out  haven't tried it but description fits..

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    There is a piece of software that works on a Mac as well as Windows called Reflection. Not too expensive. Once installed you use the airplay button in the music controls on your ipad or iphone to mirror what you are doing on the iPad to a computer. If this computer is connected to a projector students will be able to see what you are doing on the iPad.

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    Does the Reflection app allow for a more secure connection? My school is concerned that without a client on both the iPad and Mac that my content will be available to everyone in the building here at school. Bluetooth or wifi is ok, but they are looking for something with more "local" capabilities, preferably with a password to protect things and not get signals crossed.  Should I just bite the bullet and get the Apple TV?

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