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I have a yahoo calendar configured in both my iPhone and iPad.  I have three calendars within the Yahoo account.  They show up in the iPhone/iPad calendar and I can add new events on the iphone in any of the Yahoo calendars.  However, events that I create in iCal on a computer don't sync to the iPhone/iPad and events I create on the iPhone/iPad don't sync to iCal.


When I go to my Yahoo calendar online, the events from iCal are on the online Yahoo calendar but the iPhone/iPad events are not.


Any ideas?


Running the latest version of IOS.

  • 1957Goldtop Level 1 (30 points)


  • 1957Goldtop Level 1 (30 points)

    Nobody?  Ok, let's try it this way...  how are you setting up your yahoo calendars because clearly I've done something wrong.

  • 1957Goldtop Level 1 (30 points)

    Nobody is using Yahoo calendars and syncing to the iPhone?

  • scottfromcanyon Level 1 (0 points)

    I've got the same problems.

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    Hello, I had the same problem, after the update Yahoo Calenders just didn't show up anymore.


    After some tinkering, I fixed it and it works great now.


    This is what I did.

    I went to Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars  and double checked everything.. It all looked fine. But just for kicks I reentered the Server address.  ( and hit done. Everything is working now..


    Hope this works for you,


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    I am having the same problem with iOS 5.  Yahoo calendar is not showing up anymore.  Where do I change the Server address for my yahoo calendar on the iPhone?  I couldn't find it under settings.  Thanks!

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    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Yahoo Calendars, Reminders


    You'll see the server address there..


    Hope this helps,


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    Similar problem here. I have an office using Yahoo calendars for the last year or so with no major issue. Then a few users upgrade there iphone/ipads to iOS 5 and all **** breaks loose. Now nobody can sync with Yahoo calendars, random named new calendars with no content appear and logging onlint to check the calendars is only randomly working (getting an Error -100). Any ideas...??? I may have to move everyone to a different service if this keeps going...!



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    Same problem since I update to IOS5, all my appointement have disappear. Any solution ? or fixing ? Thanks

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    I just loaded 5.0 with icloud onto my iphone 4 and some of my yahoo calendar is not syncing.  When I log on to yahoo on my PC, it's all not sure what happened or how to get it back on my iphone calendar... any ideas?

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    Same problem here - upgraded to 5 and now Yahoo Calendar is broken.  Anything that will work?  I've tried the caldav suggestion above and it doesn't change anything.

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    When you go into Mail Contact Calendars scroll down a bit to calendars and double check to see what time frame is set to sync. Not sure this will solve your issue but it's a good place to start.


    I have my hubs calendar on my phone and having no issues. He isn't having any either.

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    ANY LUCK OUT THERE??  I'm having all of the same problems- updated, this iCloud things shows up, now all of my events are GONE!  They are on my yahoo calendar online-  my iPad shows NONE of the calendars as an option and my iPhone shows the calendars but NO events!  This is NOT OKAY and I'm freaking out because my business runs soley on these two devices!

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    Same problem here since I updated iphone 4 to IOS5, my yahoo calendar won't come into ical on my desktop or iphone. I comes in on my Ipad. Spent 3 hours on phone with Apple and they said there's a problem with yahoo server and IOS5. No help.

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