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Plaxico Schwartz Level 1 Level 1

Does anyone know of a graphic equalizer app for the iPhone that controls the overall sound coming out of the sound-out (headphone) jack?


Everything I've seen in the App Store looks like it works directly with the iPod and iTunes on the phone. I listen mostly to Pandora and SiriusXM connected to a larger stereo system through the headphone jack. That system has the typical pre-set "Rock," "Classical," etc. EQ settings, however, I'd like to brighten up the treble before it even gets to the stereo system.


I did come across the external adapter, iWOW 3D, online, but I'd rather not spend $60 if I can get decent results with a couple-dollar app.


Thanks, in advance, for your help.

  • joesoes Level 1 Level 1

    Im just shooting from the hip here, but this might be of intrest?

  • Plaxico Schwartz Level 1 Level 1

    No, I think this is one of the "iPod-only" EQs. From their website:


    "It is really easy to use. Just play your own music from your iPod library and adjust it the way you want."

  • joesoes Level 1 Level 1

    Not according to info in the App Store.

  • Plaxico Schwartz Level 1 Level 1

    Just bought it. It only works with sound files stored on your iPhone (iTunes, Voice Memos, etc.). It doesn't alter the overall sound coming out of the phone. Didn't recognize or shape the music playing through Pandora, and usually just shut Pandora off. The app is set up like a music file player, not an overall system enhancer. Unless I'm missing something, it's not what I was looking for.

  • joesoes Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, then i think youre in bad luck my friend. What you ask of is that one app should play the music and another app should alter the sound from that app. What i know, thats not possible on any device running iOS.

  • Plaxico Schwartz Level 1 Level 1

    Yes. Silly of me to ask so much from modern technology. My phone can seamlessly and intuitively sync between multiple applications, while pinpointing my precise location from space in an instant, but a simple EQ for the overall phone sound? Whoa, partner. What do you think this is, Star Trek?


    I apologize for suggesting such absurdities. Hopefully tonight while I'm listening to the warm, wonderful sound from my early 1980s turntable, being further enhanced by a completely separate component equalizer of roughly the same vintage, I'll remind myself that ridiculous space age concepts--like one thing making sound and another separate thing altering its sound--should be reserved for pie-in-the-sky speculative fancies, not real-world computer support forums.

  • joesoes Level 1 Level 1

    Sensing some sweet sarcasm i think


    Anyhow.. If i find such an app, i'll kepp you i mind!

  • stintshot Level 1 Level 1

    I hear you Plaxico.  Apple has historically been doing a terrible job on the audio front.  It took them 11 years to make a marginal improvement to their ear buds.  It's ridiculous that a company with that much cash is unwilling to invest in high end audio.  It would be like if Bentley sold their cars with their own branded tires that performed like those assembled on the model T.  Apple, since you obviously cannot engineer good speakers, try partnering with a company that does. 


    Oh, and one other thing- lets make sure that architecture of IOS does not constrain audio adjustment.  The current presets (which only apply to the music app) belong on a Playskool music player.  Adults prefer to adjust sound, not toggle arbitrary music genre settings and ambiguously named sound schemes.  Deep?  Deep what?  Actually,  Playskool might have more colors to choose from.  Can't sound any worse than IOS audio with the amazing mono audio on my $700 ipad.  Good thing they got around to stereo with the ipad mini and not the latest new ipad.


    Apple needs to create a Vice President of Technology Standards because as they work to advance on new highly advanced technology, they are continuing to neglect the best standards that have been set in older technologies.  As a result, the consumer ends up with an inferior basic tech (audio) that has been neglected by the focus of the advanced tech (retina display).  The finished product will never be truly polished if they continue to operate this way.


    I'm not anti-Apple.  I really want them to make great sound.  Steve Jobs was a perfectionist in many areas, and I feel it would be honoring his legacy if Apple made it their mission to work on creating the best audio from all their devices.

  • TekProfessional Level 1 Level 1

    RadEQ by Audioforge Labs Inc.  (Equalizer for Streaming online Radio)


    It may work, it doesn't indicate if Pandora is specifically supported, but it seems to have some great features.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately, it looks like we'd be stuck with the genre streams they provide. As far as I can tell, there is no (non-jailbreak) way to have an overall EQ for all iOS audio: every EQ app seems to limit you to sounds played through the app, whether from your library or from the app's proprietary streams, so no EQ'd Pandora or Spotify or Digitally Imported or … :-(

  • Wade Bortz Level 1 Level 1

    Sitting here listening to Pandora on some nice earphones, this truly does suck.  All this cpu power, and no equalizer.


    At least in my old truck, I can use the el-cheapo eq on the head unit to adjust the sound.  The original poster might have some luck plugging their iphone into their component equalizer. 


    Might be inconveninet to lug that equalizer around while jogging though. 


    Does Android have this sort of functionality?  Its exactly the sort of thing I'd look for - hey, a feature I'd like is missing, can I write it myself?  With apple stuff, no way, they don't let you.  But can you do that with android?  Might be worth switching if so.

  • cbbeards Level 1 Level 1

    Read these posts and did a quick search and found BOOM on the app store.  I'm streaming Sirius now with increased volume and equalizer.  Sounds much better but still not great. 

  • jtrops Level 1 Level 1

    Android has many EQ apps that work independently of the source player.  Also, it doesn't matter whether the output is through the headphone jack, or Bluetooth.  I use it for all of my audio: Youtube, Spotify, podcasts, and my built in player. 


    This is one reason I found this thread.  I'm looking for an EQ that works like it does on my Android.  I guess I'm out of luck.  I couldn't find the "Boom" app that was mentioned.  Could someone post the developer name?  Just searching "Boom" turns up too much stuff that has nothing to do with sound.

  • admod2008 Level 1 Level 1

    The problem isn't with iphone it is with pandora's player. Because it has exclusive control over what it plays and does not allow any other app to play it even on a computer you are at the mercy of their sound unless you go through the stereo you are playing through and adjust there. The EQi app also has it's own streaming music service with a subscription though.

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