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I hope that Apple decides that Google+ should be added to their sharing features for all their products. I would like to share some of my photos on Google+ as easy as I do with Facebook.

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  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (135,020 points)

    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback for feature requests

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    I totally agree. Hopefully it will only be a matter of time.

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    I'm waiting on this as well.

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    This is the most irritating thing about owning a mac.  I have to go through some drastic measures to get my pictures on G +.  Come on apple get over your feud with google, just because they made a smart phone too dosen't mean you cant play nice.

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    What drastic measures do you need? What feud with Google? You realise that Google released the API for G+ only in the last few days, right?

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    Agreed.  Just add photos to Google+ by dragging and dropping from iPhoto to Google+.....easy, but....should be integrated like they have done with Facebook.  Maybe eventually.

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    Use Picasa Web Albums Uploader, it will upload your photos to your Picasa Web Albums account which is connected with your G+ account, then go to your G+ acount and set the sharing settings of the album.

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    well i think this might be longer than we think.


    Android (Google Nexus et al) is a direct competitor (both tablet and phone). Android uses google+ as a storage and backup for all your photos (like iCloud)... can you see where this is going..? So for iPhoto to integrate with + will prevent that extra revenue stream from Apple's cloud storage offer.


    It would be an easy addition but don't think it will happen anytime soon.

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    What revenue stream from iCloud?

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    storage over 1gb.


    Photo back-up really racks up your allowance and pretty much everyone gives you a free gig to get you in the door (google included). Even if you disregard this (currently small) revenue, the battle on the internet to win enough customers is pretty heated. By linking iphoto to Google Apple would be driving customers to Google for storage rather than iCloud.


    This is the reason its tough to link FB and + together - it would be like Ford sharing customer data with GM and then telling them that their are alternative cars to their own.

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    Not sure that makes sense, really.  iCloud has no ability to store an iPhoto Library nor, indeed, photos, and you're free to use any storage system you like, you're not limited to iCloud. Photostreams don't count towards your iloud storage allotment so that's not a factor. If there was some lock-in with iPhoto you might argue it, but there isn't. You can upload to any site on the internet with iPhoto.

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    ok look at it this way - Android uses google plus to store all your pics. iCloud (maybe i'm using the wrong product name here i was a die hard iPhone 3g user until recently so iOS7 is all a bit new to me) / iPhoto allows you to stream your pics via Apple. Integrating the two would make it too easy for customers to 'try out' an alternative mobile OS (android) with a minimum of fuss.


    As it stand at the moment Apples intergration with it's own services creates a seemless and extremely convinient method of swapping from one device to another but only if it is an Apple device.


    I found this thread as I wanted to get my iphoto library onto my Nexus (a great tablet thats a good third cheaper than the ipad mini with similar if not better specs). The easiest way to do this would be to back-up both libraries to the same place (in this case google+) but as I've found this has to be done manually by drag and drop. That's ok for me but a bit of a pain with a large library. If you are busy/technophobic or just want seemless ease of use then the extra £100 for an Apple ipad Mini is money well spent.


    if you know how to transfer photos from Apple's iphoto (desktop), iOS7 devices and Android devices to one single, central repository (so that they can be downloaded to all devices without duplication) please let me know as it seems you are pretty good on this stuff.

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    Uh, Flickr? Picasa Web Albums? Tumblr? In fact, any photo sharing site. Upload them and they're available to anything with a web browser. And, many of the sites have 3rd party apps that allow you to access them without a web browser - well at least on iOS, I'm not sure about Android.


    But the problem is your framing the question incorrectly:


    The easiest way to do this would be to back-up both libraries to the same place


    You can't that anyway, to Flickr or Google+ or whatever. None of these services will back up an iPhoto Library. The best you can do is upload from the Library to a sharing service. Once framed that way a couple of things quickly beome clear.


    1. iPhoto doesn't just upload to Flickr or Facebook. It has a complicated syncing relationship - if you delete a photo from iPhoto it gets deleted from the other two and vice versa, for instance - something that causes no end of confusion on here for some users. So what's actually happening is that iPhoto manages the photos stored on these services, and while I've no inside knowledge about Goole or Apple, I would note that no app - except google's own - can do that on their service. Odd that.  So is it down to Apple or Google? That's Google that ceased development of their iPhoto plug-in a few years back and suggest that you use their app instead. Oddly, Apple have never done anything like that, have they?


    2. As most people don't actually want iPhoto to manage the photos on these services then uploading to Google+ is exactly the same as uloading to Flickr or Facebook - via the media browser. In the case of flickr there are a lot of 3rd party uploaders as well, ones that act as plug-ins to iPhoto that give you more options that the basic uploader. Oddly there are none that I know of for G+. Now I know that there's a lot of hype about Google being "more open" about a lot of stuff, thing is, when you actually get into the nitty gritty of it, it's hard to find actual examples.

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    Actually its not complex at all it is just permissions to edit the database of your pics. IPhoto in this case is acting as the consumer fiendly client just like phpmyadmin. The data used really is pretty simple; the PIC, tags, other text related info. 


    Like I was saying above it's all about client collection right now and getting us tied into one company/platform or another.


    There is a hole in the market for an app to sync from multiple platforms (notice I said sync not upload) I'm aware I can upload to any site but Facebook compresses photos. Flickr is about sharing and is paid beyond a certain threshold and I won't get into the pros and cons of this let's just say they've pi55ed off a lot of photographers in the recent update.


    Or the gap is for a server that will allow sync from iPhoto and android / other devices. But both apple and Google are doing their best to prevent this.


    I would like to upload / sync my iPhoto library to a server and DOWNLOAD to my android not browse online. Why? Because when I go to my aged mothers to show her pictures she doesn't have broad band and the drag and drop method is a bit archaic IMHO.


    Cheers for your reply anyway.

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