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Howdy friends!


I'm trying to get the following effect and have not been able to sort it out myself, nor find the 'just right' combination of search words on this forum, please helpf if you can:


1. All bullets appear on new slid (no build in).

2. All bullets except the first fade to 50% opacity (i.e. emphasis on first bullet).

3. First bullet fades to 50% opacity while second bullet increase opacity to 100% (i.e. emphasis on 2nd bullet).

4. etc.


I'm about ready to do this slid-by-slid, but am certain there must be a way to do it (so far I've not found a way to make actions apply simultaneously across objects or selectively within the same textbox).


Kind regards,




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    I would think that it would be easiest to do this with a different text box for each bullet. You can have the first click change all but the first. Then the next click will change the first one to 50% Opacity and the second one to 100% and so forth.

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    Hi Kelly!


    Thanks for the response! That is what I thought as well, but I have not found a way to apply the 50% opacity across multiple text boxes at the same time, so I am left with sequential fading that I'd really like to avoid, if possible (I find the gradual fade a little busy, and this is a rather important presentation for me, so the details matter a lot).


    Is it possible to apply actions simultaneously? If not, I'll just duplicate the slide however many times & have each subsequent slide set up with the desired fading - I just got the impression that Keynote was designed for such things and I should learn how to do it properly!





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    With Keynote, there are three options for how the actions and builds are delivered. You can have them happen On Click, Automatically with Previous Build or Automatically after Previous Build. They are all self explanatory and so the one you are looking for is Automatically with Previous Build.


    What you need to do is apply the Action Opacity to the text boxes you want faded. Then click the More Options button at the bottom of the inspector. Select the first Opacity action and make sure that it is set to Start Build on Click (this is the default so it should be set this way). Then select the rest of them and change the Start Build to Automatically with first build.

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    Sorry for the delay in marking your (very helpful) answer. Somehow I had completely overlooked the timing section of the "more options" panel.


    Thank you for taking the time to help me out, I really appreciate it!


    All the best,