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Ipad is full with photos,apps...and is synced with PC (1). Now i connected to my Mac (2). I understand that i cant sync with 2 computers. but what i want to do is - my friend wants some movies to his vacation. I want to make backup on my Mac for his ipad, the sync with my itunes to get all movies into ipad... and after that vacation, i connect ipad to mac and restore all info that was there before.. is that possible?

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    The movies are not contained in your iPad's backup so that would not work anyway. This is what is backed up in iTunes from your iPad. When you sync - movies are transferred to your iTunes library but they are not contained in the backup it self.


    Why don't you copy the movies to an external drive and then let your friend copy to his computer and then import them into his iTunes library and then he can sync them to his own iPad.


    The information below was copied from this support page


    About Syncing and Backups

    You can use iTunes to sync content on your computer (such as music, applications, podcasts, videos, photos, notes, email account settings, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks) with your iPad.

    iTunes creates a backup of your iPad when you sync, which you can then use to restore from if you need to return to a previously backed up state. Except for some specific exceptions noted in parenthesis below, you can also use a backup to transfer this information to a different device.

    iTunes keeps only one backup created during the sync process for each device. If you restore the iPad and choose to set up as a new device from the Set Up your iPad screen, iTunes will automatically sync and create a new, empty backup that will replace your previous backup. If you change your mind and want to restore to your previous state, you will have to retrieve your previous device backup from Time Machine (on your Mac), or other backup solution you regularly use. If you have Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later and use Time Machine, you may use Time Machine to find a previous backup.


    Information iTunes will back up

    • Safari bookmarks, cookies, history, and currently open pages.
    • Map bookmarks, recent searches, and the current location displayed in Maps.
    • Application settings, preferences, and data.
    • Contacts.
    • Calendars.
    • CalDAV and subscribed calendar accounts.
    • YouTube favorites.
    • Wallpapers.
    • Notes.
    • Mail accounts.
    • Autocorrect dictionaries.
    • Camera Roll.
    • Home screen layout and web clips.
    • Network settings (saved Wi-Fi hotspots, VPN settings, network preferences).
    • Paired Bluetooth devices (which can only be used if restored to the same iPad that did the backup).
    • Keychain (This includes email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords you enter into websites and some other applications. The keychain can only be restored from backup to the same iPad. If you are restoring to a new device, you will need to fill in these passwords again.)
    • Managed Configurations/Profiles.
    • MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange account configurations.
    • App Store Application data (except the Application itself, its tmp and Caches folder).
    • Per-app preferences allowing use of location services.
    • Offline web application cache/database.
    • Autofill for webpages.
    • Trusted hosts that have certificates that cannot be verified.
    • Websites approved to get the location of the device.
    • In-app purchases.