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Im just getting to know my brand new Logic Studio. Im working on a track just to try to get to know my new Logic.


So in trying to paste Audio clips on a certain point, it wont allow me to get it bang on where desired point. Its always

a little off.  For example Im trying to copy and paste the first verse to build the 2nd verse. I dragged the bar to the deseired

point which is 20 1 1 1. When I paste in my region or audio clip its like 21 4 4 239.  After this I notice I try enlarge the screen

to make it more precise and as I drag it the Audio clip goes past it or before it a little out of time.


Maybe its something to do with the audio clips themselves Im not sure but this never happened to me in Logic Express...


Thanks guys

Apple Mini Mac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)