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Odd problem that I am having a very hard time diagnosing.


I had a previous 1 TB Time Capsule which I used for my home network.  My internet provider is Comcast (cable internet), and I use DHCP to get an IP and access the internet.  I have several devices on my home network, including a couple of macbooks, ipad, iphones, apple tv, and printer.


A couple of weeks ago my Time Capsule failed.  I took it to the Apple Store over the weekend, and they gave me a replacement unit.  I went home and installed it - exactly as I have installed previous.  Everything works fine - MacBook, ipad, and Apple TV, however, I am having problems with Iphones getting internet access when connected to the network.


On both my iphone (iphone 4), and my wife's iphone (iphone 3GS), they will connect to the wireless network without problem; however, they are unable to access the internet (pull up website on safari, retrieve mail, etc.)  It starts to, but just then hangs.


Any ideas as to why everything else would be connecting fine, but not the iphones?  I would think it was a problem with iphone, but is impacting both iphones, and both iphones were working fine prior to installation of the replacement unit.


Thanks for any ideas.



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    The iPhones use a different operating system, so they behave differently to changes in wireless networks.


    Suggest that you trash the current Wi-Fi settings on both iPhones and then set them up again, as I helped a neighbor with the same issue and it was resolved by this procedure.


    Of course, there are no guarantees that it will work for you, but it might be worth a try if you have not already done so.


    On each iPhone.....


    Touch Settings

    Touch Wi-Fi

    Touch the arrow to the right of the name of your network

    Touch Forget this Network

    Power off the iPhone

    Move the iPhone close to the Time Capsule

    Power up the iPhone and set up a new connection


    Check for proper operation

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    Thank you very much for the reply and good suggestion.  I should of mentioned I did try both forgetting the network on the iphone(s), as well as "restoring the network settings to default" on the iphones and still getting same problem (inability to access internet.)   Thanks,




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    It sounds to me like you may have a DNS problem. After doing as Bob suggested and forgetting the networks on the iPhones. When you setup the new connection

    Touch Settings

    Touch Wi-Fi

    Touch the arrow to the right of the name of your network.

    Look at the IP Address information, DHCP should be highlighted.

    Look at the IP address and make sure it is in the range assigned by your network router.

    Look at the subnet mask it should most likely be

    Look at the router IP address, it should be the same as the one that your airport utility says you assigned to your Time Capsule.

    Look at your DNS IP address, it should match the DNS address(es) of your working iPad, MacBooks, etc.

    Look at the search domain, it too should match a similar setting in a working device.

    Finally, in most cases your HTTP Proxy indicator should be OFF


    If any of these settings are not as stated above, change them and report back with the results.