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I recently upgraded my wireless cable router so that we could acheive faster internet connection speeds.


My wife has a Windows 7 PC and I have a Macbook Pro.  Both are connected to the internet just fine.


We also have an HP DeskJet 6940 printer that is wired via ethernet to our cable router.  The printer always worked fine wirelessly on the previous router.  It also still prints just fine on my wife's PC and didn't need any reconfiguration.


On my Macbook, I noticed that it does not show up when I go to "Print & Fax" and look under "default when I try to add a printer.

I tried to use a workaround and manually type in the IP address of the printer.  I tried this with both IPP and LPD and it adds the printer as if everything is working, and even recognizes the name of the printer at the IP address.  The problem comes when I try to print and it says the dreaded, "Network host "[IP Address]" is busy; will retry in [number] seconds"


It continually does this and I have yet to get it to print anything.  Thank you for anyone who can help!