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Want to use Aperture library photos (which I can easily view from iPhoto 11) in the beautiful email systems of iPhoto. When I select the Aperture library photos and select Share-email nothing happens, then the Share-email menu becomes grayed out. According to the help available all aperture library shots are fully available for use in iPhoto 11. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    You hav to move the photos from Aperture to iPhoto to do this.


    1. Using the Media Browser you can drag from the browser to the iPhoto Window - this yields the Aperture Previews


    2. Export from Aperture to the Finder, import to iPhoto.


    That said if you use Apple's Mail.app you can


    A: Take advantage of the Stationery feature, which has more templates than iPhoto, more varied thatn iPhoto and others can be downloaded


    B: It's a full mail application, with an outbox and so on


    C: You can email from Aperture, and so avoid this loop into iPhoto.