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I have to set up about 13 iPads and that involves downloading an app and installing some files on it. To do this can I just create one apple ID and use it on all 13 iPads or do I have to create a new one for each iPad?

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    You can have the same Apple ID on as many devices as you want.  All my devices (2 iPhone 4, 2 Ipad 2, 2 iPod) all share the same ID.

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    You can use one.

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    So then once that is done will they be able to use their own apple ID and still be able to access the app that I have downloaded for them

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    Not so much now .... That is a different story. They may be able to use the app but in order to update it they will have to sign in with your ID every time and it will get a little hairy when they need to sync their devices to their separate iTunes libraries on their respective computers .... if I understand correctly as to what you want to do.

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    I was told (and this may be incorrect) that once they set their ipad up with their own itunes account they will have the option of transfering the purchase over to their account.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10 (86,805 points)

    Not that I know of. If you purchase an app, you can download it to an unlimited number of iDevices. That is true - with the only caveat being that you MUST use the same Apple ID and iTunes account each time you download it.

    So you will have no problem downloading the app to the 13 iPads with your account. However, that purchase is ALWAYS tied to your Apple ID and iTunes account. It can't be transferred to another user or to another iTunes account.


    The app will be usable on the 13 iPads but if the app needs to be updated, the users of those 13 iPads will have to sign in with your ID to update the app. This can be done directly on the iPad, but you probably don't want to give your ID and password out to those 13 individuals and you won't want to have to update each of their iPads every time by signing in with your ID and then have to sign out again.


    On top of that, if the 13 users will want to sync to their own computers that contain their own iTunes libraries, that app will not sync - it will be erased if not mistaken - if they as they will be signed in with their own accounts.


    If I may ask, what app and what are you trying to accomplish by doing this - what is the bigger picture so to speak?

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    the ipads are for sales people to go into stores that don't have an internet connection and show the owners video and some pdf files on why they should purchase a product.


    The hard part was that this had to be done today and was only elevated to me yesterday so I didnt have much time to come up with a solution.


    I used the app goodreader to accomplish this.


    I would love to have a better solution if you know of one

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    So you already put the app on all 13 iPads then correct? Will these salespeople all be syncing to their own computers?


    Perhaps your questions would be better answered if you posted in the iPad in the Enterprise part of the ASC. I too wonder how businesses handle things like this. For instance - can a company have one iTunes ID and all of the users have a common iTunes library???


    Maybe you can find some answers on this site.