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Ghaster Level 1 Level 1

OS X Lion


Is it possible, to change the order of the Apps in Mission Control?

When I swipe with my 3 fingers, I first get the Apps, witch I started last.

Any way to change that?


Thanks Mark.

Reply by Stress Test on Jul 21, 2011 7:35 AM Helpful

That's absolutely not user friendly! That should work with drag & drop (Apple like) and not by bringing 10 applications to normal mode, and reopen them in the order you want.

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  • gmorrow Level 1 Level 1

    I would like to know this also. Very annoying not being able to figure it out. You would think you could just "drag" the applications to whatever spot you want them to be in.

  • gaugebosons Level 1 Level 1

    As far as I know, no. You can click and drag on an app and bring it to the front to look at it, but when you let go of it it goes back to its place. I'm also not sure what formula mission control uses for arranging apps. Finder seems to always be on the left, and Firefox somewhere on the right. You can also drag the apps to different spaces. But that's about it.

  • corbo950 Level 1 Level 1

    It is a pain in the butt.. but you can rearange them by taking all the Apps out of full screen mode and then putting them back in full screen in the order you want ....  in example mine was auto ordered like this:

    • Desktop
    • Mail
    • Safari
    • Desktop 2

    And I got it to

    • Desktop
    • Desktop 2
    • Safari
    • Mail

    By bringing mail and safari out of fullscreen mode.... moving them both to Desktop 2... then then put Mail into full screen and then Safari

  • Stress Test Level 4 Level 4

    That's absolutely not user friendly! That should work with drag & drop (Apple like) and not by bringing 10 applications to normal mode, and reopen them in the order you want.

  • Killasyougo Level 1 Level 1

    That is just silly. 

  • Killasyougo Level 1 Level 1

    There seems to be a heirarchy that might have something to do with Fullscreen Apps and Desktops.


    If you open safari fullscreen it opens and goes to the far right in mission control view.  open mission control, add another desktop and it will be added to the left of safari, not the right.


    chrome opened in fullscreen is treated as a desktop and opens in fulscreen where it is.  as is vmware and any other non-apple product it would seem.  also chrome in fullscreen viewed in mission control is labeled as desktop 2, where as safari full screen is labeled safari, as is any other Apple product in fullscreen


    so it seems there are Desktops and Fullscreen Apps in mission control and they are treated differently


    switching between fullscreen apps can be down with command-tab, but switching between non-fullscreen apps on the same desktop cannot be done with command-tab, you have to use control-arrow.



  • Thebestplacehere Level 3 Level 3

    I think always the most recent go in the left you can exit full screen and enter again to make it go to the left but look like apple think that the last you entry full screen i mean the recent one is better in the left and the first you entry full screen in the right may for easy access,the idea is that apple try and find that that is the easiest way ..

  • Ghaster Level 1 Level 1

    I just found a control, witch changes the behavior of Mission Control.

    In the System Preferences - Mission Control


    I have the german version, so I don´t know the english titel.

    For me it´s the second control on that page.


    It´s called:

    "Bereiche automatisch anhand der letzten Verwendung ausrichten"


    When I deselect this option, the next App will be added at the end of the row.

  • corbo950 Level 1 Level 1

    Ya so my rearanging worked at first but Ghaster is right if you want them to remain in order then you have to disable "Automaticly rearrange spaces based on most recent use"

  • Thebestplacehere Level 3 Level 3


  • Harpo Marx Level 1 Level 1

    Here is a simple way to use Mission Control just as Spaces:


    Let's assume in this example we like to assign iPhoto to Desktop 3 (which in Spaces was called Space 3).


    1. Turn off 'Automatically rearange spaces on most recent use

    2. Scroll up with 3 fingers simultaneously or launch Mission Control from the Dock. Click on Desktop 3. While you are in Desktop 3 launch iPhoto. Doublecheck with a right click on the iPhoto symbol in the Dock. Choose options. Confirm 'This Desktop'


    NOTICE: Apps are automatically assigned to the Desktop / Space where they are launched for the very first time. However you change this by ctrl-click the application's symbol and assign to None than switch to let's stay with Desktop 3 and launch the application from here. From then on it will be assigned to Desktop 3.


    NOTICE: Apps in fullscreen mode will temporarily (for the duration they are in fullscreen mode) be assigned to right most Desktops in Mission Control. Once you restore to a window you will find yourself again in its (app's) asigned Desktop.

  • alimz Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree that you should be able to drag and drop in Mission Control, to get your full screen apps in the order you want them. It's so intuitive - I tried to drag and drop a few times because I couldn't believe it wasn't possible. Sliding between full-screen apps is such a brilliant way to create a smooth workflow - but it's only truly smooth if the apps are in the right order!

  • Ian Sen Level 1 Level 1

    I agree too. I can't see why we can't just re-arrange the order of apps and lock them: just like we can with that "top sites" function in safari.

  • jeffbridges Level 1 Level 1

    We should absolutely be able to rearrange apps. My guess is this'll be one of the first updates to Lion--if we yell about it loudly enough!

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