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RobBT Level 1 (75 points)

Hello fellow Mac users,

I understand Address Book and iCal look childish now. I think this may not be as constructive as Apple's developers may be thinking.
Is there a way to revert to a cleaner UI?
(Is that actually leather in iCal's new UI? I don't want animals to be killed for my apps.)

But most important is Mission Control.

Mission Control brings together Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces, and full-screen apps says Apple.
Why would I want to bring Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces, and full-screen apps together?
Why would I want to see Dashboard (or anything else) when I want to quickly change to another Space?
I use Spaces all the time - I use a click on my mouse's scroll wheel for that. that's one click on the scroll wheel to display all Spaces and one ordinary click to make my choice. Of what I see now I think Mission Control is not going to be that straight forward.
Can I have Spaces in Lion the Snow Leopard way? The same question for Dashboard and Exposé.

If it's not an option in Lion, can it be achieved through the terminal some way?

Or can I simply copy these apps from Snow Leopard to Lion and enjoy working the way I'm used to?
Is there someone with answers to my questions?


MBP, Mm, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • fanboy512 Level 2 (265 points)

    as stated in your last might want to stick with 10.6

  • bobwild Level 4 (1,625 points)

    No one here can answer your questions.This discussion board is for user to user communication about apple products. Your points are based on your opinion about LION. You will get responses from other users here with similar and opposing opinions.

  • RobBT Level 1 (75 points)

    To fanboy512,


    Perhaps Apple deleted my post accidentally, and it was your post they thought that was "non-constructive"...

    (Don't be offended fanboy512, I'm only kidding.)


    Let's see if there are Mac users with actual answers to my questions, because, as I explained, I would like to upgrade after all.

  • Bradley Olwin Level 2 (170 points)

    One answer for you, as I used spaces extensively in SL and have been using "spaces" or the desktops in Lion for some time now.  The spaces will not work as they did in SL and this took some getting used to for me as well.  However, I have found the desktops to be a much better implementation in Lion.  I have found the full screen apps to be more efficient than trying to find a window on a cluttered desktop.  I have also found that the gestures work extremely well with a Magic Trackpad, which is probably a better choice than the mouse for Lion.  You can customize the gestures extensively in Lion in the system preferences.


    Dashboard essentially operates identically in Lion and SL except that it is a desktop in Lion, the keyboard shorcut keys work for Dashboard so that should not be a problem.


    Mission control works well too, I think the desktop implementation in Lion is much speedier than Exposé in SL.  I have not used Lion with a mouse as I purchased the Magic Trackpad at about the same time I installed Lion.  A four finger upward swipe gives me Mission Control and is much faster than SL Exposé


    I have not yet found the Launchpad to be as useful as I had hoped, I am still tied to the dock and finder for apps but I can see where the Launchpad may have its uses.


    I have a late 2008 Air with only 2GB RAM and probably pushing the limits for Lion.  With that said, it seems to operate fairly well on my Air and the Desktops as well as Mission Control are faster and more efficient for me than their counterparts in SL.


    Hope this helps a little.

  • RobBT Level 1 (75 points)

    To bobwild,


    My points are based on what I've seen of Lion in the announcements.


    I hope actual users of Lion have answers to my questions. In the case of Spaces I hope someone tries it all out and explains.


    Also, if a Lion user can explain why Mission Control is good for me, I really like to hear that.

  • RobBT Level 1 (75 points)

    To Bradley Olwin,
    Thanks for your reply.
    What you say about Full-screen apps, gestures, Trackpad versus mouse and even Launchpad, I can agree with, without having touched Lion yet.
    Full-screen apps are good for small screens for sure.
    But the 1680x1050px (20") I connect my MBP to (pretty average a size I would say) I wouldn't like to use for Full-screen reading e-mail or Full-screen web browsing (although lots of people do - while web sites still get developed for 1024x768px).
    Anyway, Apple gives us a choice here, so I won't complain. (Same for Launchpad for that matter, if you don't use it it's not in your way.)
    What Spaces (and Exposé) concerns I'm wishing and hoping someone is going to explain you can just save the app before upgrading to Lion and put it in Lions Applications folder and it works like it always did... I try not to feel getting old.

  • Bradley Olwin Level 2 (170 points)

    I am using full screen both on the 13" Air screen and on the 23" LED Display.  The full screen apps work well with both displays and resize appropriately.  You can still assign applications to desktops, which is similar to how spaces used to work.  You will not be able to use SL spaces and Exposé, they work differently in Lion, it is integrated into the operating system.  I prefer the way they work in Lion compared to SL but that is simply my opinion.

  • tcgoetz Level 1 (0 points)

    I want to turn off the leather look too. I'm bewildered that Apple chose to add it.

  • cshapple Level 1 (55 points)

    What about the length of lines in things like email?


    The screenshots I see all show really long lines, well over 50-80 character lines that are easier to read.


    I'd be interested in what options there are for layout in the new mail program, and if you can make it look like the old one which I prefer.

  • deivy Level 4 (2,365 points)
    You will not be able to use SL spaces and Exposé, they work differently in Lion,


    Well, I don't really agree with this statement. They are setup differently, no question, but once there you can use it like you use it in SL.

    I do!

    control-n sends you to the nth-space and using Expose you can have all the spaces in one screen as in SL.

    I think that may be some differences might exist when moving windows around, but I am not sure.

    As for Dashboard, it is shown as a Space if you want it to be a Space.

    I do and it is the same as before.

  • Bradley Olwin Level 2 (170 points)

    My reply to the OP was that he/she wanted to move the SL apps into the Lion OS, which is not possible.  Another major difference with desktops is that you cannot specify you want a fullscreen app in a certain desktop and have it stay there, for example, desktop 4.  Exposé does work differently in Lion so I was attempting to tell the OP that Lion Mission Control does not work the same, which I believe is true.  The only view that you get is the desktops at the top and the selected desktop in the middle of the screen, you don't have the choice of all apps, etc.  Thanks for the correction on the dashboard, I had forgotten it could be changed in sys prefs.  

  • Barney-15E Level 8 (46,319 points)

    You can turn off auto-arrangement of desktops in the Mission Control prefs.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 (46,319 points)

    Currently, there is no way to get Snow Leopard's implementation back without reinstalling Snow Leopard.

    Mission Control is it. With a magic trackpad, it's quite easy to get around. It wasn't so much fun without one.

  • Bradley Olwin Level 2 (170 points)

    I agree you can turn off auto-arrangement but here is the issue, I will give an example.  Have 2 desktops open, then open mail in fullscreen then safari in fullscreen.  Mail will be in the 3rd desktop and Safari in the 4th.  If you quit mail then Safari is now in the 3rd desktop.  If you reopen mail it is now in the 4th desktop.  So Lion does not behave analogously to SL with respect to spaces.  When you put an app in a space it stayed in that space.  I have found this a bit disconcerting in Lion.  It is much easier to zoom back and forth among desktops and simply not worry where the app is.  This behavior won't occur if you do not use fullscreen apps but keep the app in the SL "window" view.


    So I don't think that the desktops in Lion can be used the same as SL if you want to take advantage of fullscreen view, which I think is a great implementation.

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