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Hi, I'm having a problem with my Mac Pro after installing OSX Lion this morning. I was hoping someone would be able to help. After installing Lion, my Philips monitor won't work. My monitor says I need to change the resolution to 1280x768 but when I connect my Mac Pro to my second monitor and try and change the settings for the Philips monitor, there is no option for that resolution.


I'm using an early 2009 Mac Pro. The Philips monitor is connected through VGA and a VGA to DVI adapter.


I had no problems with SL; and I have no idea why it is not working with Lion.



If you could help me fix it, I would be so happy.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I have the same problem exactly. I am sure we will not be the only ones. We probably have to wait for an update that fixes that bug.


    If you happen to find a solution, please post it here. Thanks.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (52,870 points)

    If your screens have been set to Mirror each other, the resolutions available will be "lowest common denominator" resolutions that BOTH displays can handle.


    Make sure they are set for Extended Desktop so that each resolution is independent. In the arrange pane, drag the displays apart so that they are adjacent, not overlapping.

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    I don't have the displays set up to Mirror each other.


    Nothing seems to work. I've talked to a Genius, and several Managers who were all baffeled by this problem. No solution was found.

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    I didn't see it mentioned so I'll ask the obvious questions; have you tried resetting pram, smc, and clicking detect displays in the displays preferences?

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    I have the same problem. I'm using a NEC spectraview 2690. I had problems with SL as the resolution would always drop if I booted up with it, but I could send it to sleep and when it came out of sleep it would recognise the higher resolutions. This is not working in Lion. Still, I can't believe I have to go back to SL having paid for Lion or get a new reference monitor... perhaps time to buy a PC. I've never had a 'Genius' solve a problem to be honest.

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    You do need to uae the System Preferences > Displays , not just the MenuBar item to set higher resolutions. The menuBar item only lists the last three resolutions you have successfully used, not all available.


    The window that opens should have a Title that indicates the correct name of your display, not a generic name like "VGA Display". This indicates that your Mac has successfully discussed the display name and capabilities over the Digital Data Channel in the cable. Use of inadequate cheater adapters, or multiple stacked adapters can mean these signals are not passed through.

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    Thanks for the effort. But I don't have any stacked adaptors, I used the preferences > displays and it does recognise the monitor specifically.


    I have found this afternoon that if you put the monitor on after boot and the end screen is up is does display at 1920 (on most occasions) but as soon as I put my secondary screen on (dell ultrasharp 2005 20") it loses resolution again.  Maddening!

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    Sorry I have not got my Mac infront of me but what happens if you set the number of displays to remember back to zero? Mike