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  • suitess Level 1 Level 1

    another good day without dropping night see you all tomorrow

  • memeke Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Suitess, just one curiosity:  is your imac in the same position as before you did SMC and PRAM reset?


    I just noticed that if I tilt the iMac backwards my wifi is much more stable - don't ask me why!

  • andreafacchini Level 1 Level 1

    I lost ALL hope. How can Apple do this to its users i's beyond me. I tried all the tips and tricks and franly I am tired and frustrated now. Lion was a huge disappointment.

  • gphonei Level 1 Level 1

    This is one of the effects that can be caused by interference.  Radio frequencies of different values create waves of associated "length" (in the air), and this wave length, is what demands antennas of particular lengths.  Anything "metal" within the first "wave length" of an antenna creates a "direct coupling" of that energy into the item in proximity.  Anything "metal" within 2 to as many as 5 or so wavelengths, can become a "reflector" that can completely "nullify" propagation of the signal in that direction.  2.4ghz is 300/2400 or 1/8 meter in length.  That's around 125mm, or 12.5cm which is about 5 inches in length.  So things that are around this multiple of distance from your computer's wifi antenna, and especially the closest items, can create real problems.  Moving the iMac like you did, can change the distance, and completely change how the waves propagate through the air, including reflections that might come back to the wifi antenna and interfere with reception.

  • suitess Level 1 Level 1

    good morning yes its exactly in the same position as before resets .this is working great for me now no dropping or pinging and after months of frustration its great to see the lion roaring again . i even was going to different pages quickly to see would it drop but it never did even once. best of luck memeke in your quest for a fix and thank you

    in that long post that i put up that guy suggested to me that to keep resetting pram and smc untill problems where illiminated for me it worked first time so far so it might be worth a go memeke you have nothing to lose only a couple of minutes of your time cheers friend

  • suitess Level 1 Level 1

    still going strong here no drops

  • A-lee-see-uh Level 1 Level 1

    Finally got this solved! My problem was the DNS address for my at&t u-verse modem (Motorola NVG510). I spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with various people at u-verse support to convince them to give me an alternate address, and the Tier II tech finally admitted it was a known issue with them and OSX. It’s been about 22 hours, and Safari has not timed out once, all my images load, and my Internet seems faster than ever. So if at&t is your ISP, and you’re having connection issues with your Mac using Lion, call at&t and get a new DNS address.

  • Dropping Level 1 Level 1

    Small update. Since I configured the router to a fixed channel (channel it chose by itself was used also by another wifi network) and full transmission power instead of dynamic I haven't had any problem - for now. Together with the rest of the posts it seems that Lion might be more prone to a suboptimal connection may be in comparison to snow leopard. Since it works with snow leopard in the same curcumstances where Lion gives problems, it would still mean Lion is not where it should be as far as wifi connections go.

  • DrVenture Level 2 Level 2

    Interesting. Could you share with us the DNS settings you where using before (that where giving you an issue) and the corrected ones?

  • A-lee-see-uh Level 1 Level 1

    Sure. The preferred DNS is The alternate DNS is Who knew one number could fix something that I've been trying to figure out for a month?!

  • suitess Level 1 Level 1

    i went through all that suggested on that site bar the at&t one as i live in dublin but the apple support guys went through everything else with them and they tried everything they knew to fix this wi fi dropping problem . i personally bought this mac with lion installed on it i did not do anything to interfere with its working mode at the outset any changes i made was at the behest of an apple support guy or in the store. i dont really believe that anyone here has inflicted this problem on themselfs its inherent mainly to lion. i have an older mac with snow leopard and its faultless and does not drop so i believe its a glitch in the the system somewhere along the line that apple will eventually get around to fixing giving that their priority seems to the ipad and iphone them being great sellers. resetting the pram and smc seems to have done the trick for me and i hope it stays that way. btw i have had two new routers from my isp thinking that was the problem but it did not fix it either .best of luck in your quest and thanks for your help

  • suitess Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for your post. what i cant get my head around though if your isp and apple know there is a problem then as apple customers why are we not being furnished with this information by apple  ie warning dear customer if you buy this mac then you will need to get a new password off your isp for to access the internet without dropping

    it does not make sense that apple would knowingly bring out a faulty product that would depend on its success on a third party.on the whole lion is terrific except for the wi fi problems that all here are suffering from and my belief is its in the airport and hardware thats where all our problems are at so hopefully it will be fixed for all soon , thank you 

  • A-lee-see-uh Level 1 Level 1

    yeah, i don't know. i had to do some serious internet searching to figure out it was a thing with at&t. I called apple support twice. Apple admitted the wifi dropping was a known issue , but said they thought they had fixed it with the last software update, and recommended I take it in for a wireless card replacement. I finally made an appt. to take my iMac in, but the thought of having to walk through a shopping mall with my giant iMac to get to the apple store made me call at&t as a last ditch effort. it was like pulling teeth to get at&t to a) admit it was a known issue with them and OSX and b) actually give me the alternate DNS address to fix it.


    this is where i finally got the idea it wasn't the computer:


    it was so frustrating though because i have 5 other devices, including my old Mac mini, hooked up wirelessly to the modem, and absolutely none of them have a problem with connecting and staying connected. I really hope the DNS fix helps a lot of other people with this problem.

  • suitess Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for post . i bought an airport express thinking that would solve but it did not . seems it needs an apple fix . i must have got lucky so far as resetting pram and smc seems to have fixed it for me i have not had one drop since. thank you and best of luck

    p.s there are posts on here about changing dns to google but alas did not work in my case

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